Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some new tricks

Thought I would share some fun things Malia has been up to. She loves loves hide and seek. She will walk around the house running into walls with her hands over her eyes and just keep going. Im pretty sure she believes she is invisible. She loves to do the same with anything over her head like the blanket. I missed all her huge laughs in this video...I was to slow but she giggles and then will sit completely still for the longest time. Too Funny!

She has well over 20 words now which is amazing to me. And the fact that she uses so many of them appropriately is awesome. Of course getting her to say them on camera is a whole challenge but on here she does say uh oh and OH NO with her hands on her cheeks. Then she says momma. One of her newest words is IM MAD but she will only say it when shes mad! So funny and I try to get her to say it and she does say mad but her back is to the camera so you cant really hear it.

Something else that she does is sit on command. She has done this for quite awhile but the kids just relized this and so its their new game with her. I usually do it to get her to sit for a book or sit in the tub or sit for a treat on the floor so she is usually expecting something good. I love it and the kids get a crack out of it but Im getting them to not abuse their power because she is such a good listener its up down up down up down.

We just love this girl and are having way to much fun with her still. Ive been asked a couple times this week how the kids are doing with her and I am still shocked that they are still fighting over her. Whether its who she sits by who reads to her or who gives her what toy its a fight (not a nasty one) but still I kinda love it and so does she!


Becki said...

Ohhhh.... so cute!!! In our house it's Ciara telling the kids to "sit down." She was even telling the boys in church sitting behind us today to sit down!!!! She's not bossy at all.

Karen said...

I learned in the human development class that the age Malia is, when she covers her eyes or is hiding and you say "Where's Malia", she really thinks she is not visible and you can't see her. Even if you are standing face-to-face and you claim "where's Malia" she thinks she is invisible to you.

She is very cute!

Wenders11 said...

I always look forward to your videos because they're SO CUTE! They make me smile. Malia is absolutely adorable, you must be having a ball with her!