Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Fluing New Year

I have some catching up to do. We actually havent done much because of Kaden being sick and now I am... the most HORRIBLE flu (if thats what it is) I have ever had. Anyways we havent really been able to go out and do the fun things I had planned because of all this but we still have been able to do stuff just at home.
The other day Malia and Maddie were playing so dang cute together, just holding hands and walking around. Malia thought it was so funny for some reason and she was just busting up laughing and would fall down from laughing. So cute! There have been lots of movies watched and plenty of time to play all those new games both the kids got. Kaden busted out his puzzles yesterday and completed one and Maddie joined in with hers. And Maddie enjoyed a foot masage and got her toes and fingers all pained.. she loves to be pampered. I have felt bad not being able to get them out of the house to do something but the weather has been surprisingly nice so they have gotten outside to ride bikes and Kaden has been able to test out his new skateboard!
Our New Year was just fun and relaxing. We got pizza popcorn cookies and had ice cream floats. We played lots of games on the Wii and watched a movie. At 10 Maddie asked to go to bed but wanted to be woke up when it was time for the count down, she fell right to sleep so I joined her for a little shut eye! The boys guitar hero'ed it up and then at 11:30 Rich decided he needed a quick nap and so Kaden and I awaited the count down. Kaden is the only one of us to make it all the way to 12 without sleeping! We woke Maddie right before the count down and got our confetti mess making things out and ready and all screamed at 12.
Im looking forward to this new year and what it will bring for our family. Here are a few things we have planned or will happen this year.
Kaden will turn 11, just one year away from holding the Priesthood. He will continue his sports and is already looking forward to football. He also will start middle school so finding the right school is on my mind big time YIKES! He also is getting to the age where we can leave him home with Maddie for a little bit to run quick errands, they love it and so do I!!! He also enjoys earning money when baby sitting... or a candy bar!
Madison will turn 6, I just cant believe how quickly she is growing up and it is hard. She is so much fun and such a sweetie with a whole lot of diva in there too! She is starting a new dance company next week so Im looking forward to watch her skills and love in dance grow and get better, so we will be looking forward to recitals. Her reading has been taking off so Im looking forward to her hopefully being able to sit and read books all by herself and getting to hear her do it! She will also start 1st grade which for sure I am not ready for. Dang they just grow up way to fast.
Malia will also have a big year ahead of her. In just a few months we will be able to finalize her adoption and make her ours forever! I just cant wait for this final step to be over with and not looming over my head. We will be able to take her to the Temple to be sealed to us which already makes me teary eyed thinking about. She will be turning 2 and so that means potty training this year for me.... UGH Kaden and Maddie were both so easy to potty train so Im sure I cant get lucky with all 3... but I can still hope! She also will be entering nursery during church in a few months which Im not so sure I will be able to just hand her over yet. Rich and I are both really nervous about this. I will probly just go in and hang out with her for as long as she or I needs. And seeing how fasinated she is by learning and books already I feel like I need to step up my game and keep her interested in that and see just how much she can learn this year!
Our family has a lot of fun things to look forward to with Malia being sealed to us. We are hoping to be able to take a couple fun vacations. Im hoping to make a few changes in the house... we have lived her 7 years now which is crazy to me so some new paint and refinishing some floors is a must! Im hoping to get better at using my new camera! Rich is hoping to get better at golf and go out more.. Im gonna buy him some plaid pants to really make him look awesome! HA
Hope you all had a great New Years and hope this year brings many blessings to all!


Karen said...

I owe you a BIG thank you. The highlight of my days are reading your blog and looking at pictures and video's. I wish we lived closer so I could give everyone hugs and kisses. So, this will have to do . . . xoxoxox

Love, Duhmomma

Elizabeth said...

Hope you are feeling better! Our new years was quite the same. Wii, sickies, and bed! I just hope I don't get it! Blake seems to get everything all the time!

carrie said...

Hey Kris! I am so happy you found my blog and left me a comment! it is alway fun to hear from old friends. I just about read your entire blog and you have an awesome family and an amazing husband. I am so happy for you that you were able to get your sweet little Malia, what a blessing. I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog. Take care, and you look great!

Laurie and Travis said...

Who doesn't look awesome in plaid pants?! Hahaha! Sounds like fun times. The pictures are 'em!

Haley L said...

So glad you are feeling semi-human again. I felt so bad for you! :( I have to admit, I loved your post about Kaden being old enough for errand-running babysitting duty. It is the greatest thing about these boys growing up, but I'm OK if they stop here. ;)

Kelly said...

Oh, I hope you are all healthy again soon. THat is so hard!

Norah said...

I hope everyone is well soon. Happy New Year! Malia's hair looks almost longer than Linhsey's now. It's so cute in her pigtails and ponytail!