Sunday, January 25, 2009

My littles Update

Goodness isnt she gorgeous! I thought I should give a Malia update I dont know that Ive done that for a few Sundays. Malia is doing awesome. She is over her cold, thank goodness! Im so happy to have her happy again, after almost 2 weeks of a sad cranky baby you almost forget how sweet and fun they are. Shes back to dancing and learning new words. Her new fav is kisses, and she is giving them so much more now too. If you say give me a kiss, she will think about it and either look and you smile and walk away or get her fish lips ready and pucker up and kiss walk away come back kiss walk away.. usually in 3's. I LOVE it!! She is also using pretty more and up which sounds like bup. Kaden and Maddie are eagerly waiting for her to call them by name or at least try but she just looks at them like huh?? To hard people!
Malia has loved the nice weather we have had and Ive been getting her outside. On Saturday it wasnt super warm but it was nice enough for her to join the kids for about 15 minutes of jumping fun. When I first took her out and put her on the very dead lawn she didnt want to move and just kept looking down like how do I walk on this crap! So I had to pick her up. Then she was jumping with Kaden and was just cracking up and loving it (I will try to post video tomorrow). She is so easy going and loves to try new things.
Now since being sick she has decided to not like her car seat, she will fuss for about the first 5 minutes of being in there and then forgets or something and will sit and chat and play, Im hoping she gets over this quickly!!
We are getting pretty close to her being here for 4 months and I cant believe its only been that long. She is such a part of our family that it just seems weird to think that its only been that long. As she was sleeping on me the other day (my favorite part of the day) I just sat in amazement that not that long ago she was clear across the other side of the world and had no clue who we were. This girl is amazing, she gets everyone around her to smile and can charm the pants off of you. Even little kids just seem to want to be around her and will tell me how cute she is. I havent found a good response to this... maybe a little help. With Kaden and Maddie if I was told they were cute I was like yaaa and they are mine I made them... with Malia she is mine but I sure didnt have anything to do with her gorgeous eyes or those stunning lips, so I just say I know!! Like woohoo I know isnt she a stunner! I guess I should just say thank you right! LOL Really I dont want to brag... but I will, the girl is just so stinking cute. Our social worker kept saying over and over how pretty she was in a surprised voice (she has adopted herself) but she wanted us to know how pretty she is too it seemed. I promise we do. Im just so thankful that her personality is just as pretty and sweet (so far) I am weary of the up coming terrible 2's.
Anyways here are some pics from today and yesterday!

BTW I titled it my littles because her nickname for whatever reason is littles. That just what I call her sometimes.


tamiz said...

She's a heart melter for sure!