Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swinging at the Park

It was perfect weather today and Malia is feeling so much better so we went to the park for the first time with her and she had an absolute blast on the swings!

Maddie was chillin and watching Malia
weee down the slides with Mom and Maddie

getting to run around and explore and she loved it
playing with photo shop... Maddie is so brave and climbs and will pose everywhere
She just kept laughing and kicking her feet, I just loved watching her have so much fun.
More braveness
Watching Maddie

It was perfect beautiful weather and I kept thinking holy moly its January! Makes me want Spring here FAST!! I even got my car all clean in and out... so guess it will snow again. I know Malia will be an outdoors girl, she had a blast running around and LOVED the swing. Guess its time to get a new swing set!


Haley L said...

You are getting so good with your camera!!!! Are you ready for your first professional job with our family yet?

Norah said...

So fun! I can really see some curls in Malia's hair. When it is humid here, watch out! Linhsey gets curls all over. Her hair is one reason why people believe she is Cambodian and not Vietnamese.