Friday, January 23, 2009

Out of the mouth of.... my little turds!

I wanted to share a couple things the kids said this week that had me bust up laughing... they often say funny things but I want to try to remember some of them so I might have to start blogging more about my little smart mouths!
I am not a great cook, I have a few things that I make that are awesome but for the most part freezer meals and hot dogs are my dinner friends.... so Tuesday I made Alfredo with Chicken (really easy but really yummy) all 3 kids ate it up and when Kaden was washing his bowl he thanked me again for the yummy meal and then added "did you make it?" LOL uhh ya you turd I did! HAHA!!! I thought it was funny!

He actually really didnt mean the comment rude but still it was funny! Anyways he is such a sweet boy. Every morning he gets his chores done quick or pretends to so that he can play with Malia. He just adores her and when he saw her black eye he started getting all teary and concerned for her.. so sweet! I love that he is so funny and such a big help!

Maddies jewel of a comment happened yesterday while we were sitting eating lunch. (She will kill me for this when shes older) While we were eating she had a very long fart that sounded like a cow mooing and we both laughed, Maddie is pretty proud of her farts which Im thankful for (I dont want her to always be so embarrassed by natural things) anyways because she thought it was so awesome it looked like she was trying again so I said Maddie please dont do it again while we are eating then I put another bite in my mouth when she said "I didnt fart it was my BUTT!" So my food went flying out of my mouth because I started laughing so hard. She just said it so matter of factly I just couldnt stop laughing. Maddie is always there to get us laughing.

And never to shy to strike a pose. I love the confidence that Maddie has, I sure hope she keeps it. I would have given anything to be as confident as her, I hope Im able to build and help it grow! Shes so sassy and fun!!


Karen said...

Do keep a journal of all the funny things the kids say or do. It won't be long before you will be trying to remember the funny ocassions.

Erica said...

By the way- you ARE A GOOD COOK!! Everything that I have ever eaten that you have cooked is so dang YUMMY!!!

Laurie and Travis said...

I just spit wine everywhere when I read that hilarious butt comment!! Glad you wrote that one down...that should be in her wedding slideshow someday;)