Tuesday, January 6, 2009

15 month check up

Malia is 15 months today! I cant believe how awesome she is doing. She had her 15 month check up today and she did amazing considering we had HELGA the horrible nurse again! GRR
I knew going in that she would be getting shots and also needed blood work that the agency needs to complete the adoption. The doc wanted to space it out and not do it all to her in one day which after hearing how much I agreed. The nurse came in with 5 shots and 1 poke to the arm for her tb test. I had Malia in my lap and she started with 3 shots in 1 leg which went ok but Malia was already screaming, then she moved to the other leg did 1 then started the other and said O crap O I got it and told me how strong she is... um did she miss?? did it pull out and she put it back in?? Thats kinda what Im thinking because of how red that shot area got and how bad it hurt my poor baby who is just grabbing and screaming at this leg. Well she gave me ME this time a few minutes to comfort her before the tb test. She got her arm ready I was holding her and again she says O CRAP.. WTC lady she gets up and says shes going to have to do it again and leaves and comes back.. tries again on her other arm gets up after POKING HER AGAIN and leaves to get help.. a new nurse comes in to hold her and she pokes and messes up AGAIN I am fuming at this point and crying along with Malia and said OK (stopping her) when she said ok got it. So this freaking nurse (who maybe you all remember from her last well check) poked my baby 4 times for 1 freaking test, so she was bleeding from all pokes and I was so freaking mad and crying and Im pretty sure she could tell. I got her ready and left and she was holding doors for me trying to be nice at that point but I was to ticked to care.... O now your nice??
Anyways Malia is fine now but she has so many holes in her that were unnecessary and when she saw her band aids after her nap she just started bawling again... poor girl.
Other than all that she did amazing she gave the doc a hug and layed her head on his knee and only fussed the tiniest bit when he was checking her out. He was still amazed with how healthy she is and how well she was taken care of. He has told me before of his wishes to adopt and he is very sweet with all of my kids but I can tell he is very fond of Malia.
She has gained almost 2 lbs and grew about 2 inches too. I knew her pants where looking shorter. That put her up in % she is now 50% in height and I think it was 40 or 45% in weight. He was very impressed! So was I!
I love this sweet girl so much and Im so sad for her, she was so fussy tonight from being tired and sore I think. I hope tomorrow she feels all better and we get no after affects from he shots, and after all the crap she took for the TB test it better be good news!
For 15 months she is right on track for every mile stone and even higher I believe. Shes just awesome and so dang adorable!! LOVE HER!!
P.S. I will never let that nurse touch my baby again!


Alison said...

nurse HELGA better watch her back huh? poor malia, how awful!

Elizabeth said...

so sorry Malia...that nurse should be reported!

Haley L said...

First of all, you are getting very good with your camera! We are going to be your first family photo shoot, OK? :) Second of all, I'm guessing this "nurse" is just a MA (medical assitant) with minimal training. Lots of offices have gone to using them because they are significantly cheaper. In any event, wish I could give her a piece of my mind!!!!

Yedda said...

I feel your pain... Mi-ra is deathly afraid of needles especially after the doctor tired to get blood for the tests the adoption agency wanted. He poked her three times and then ended up not getting enough! If they still need to get blood for blood work make sure you get an order for a lab to do it. We went to Labcorp in and out with some crying, but only because she knew what was happening and the tech was saying to bring here there first next time, they have tons of experience with children.

Jolayne said...

Oh so sorry. That just breaks a mommy's heart.