Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ummm some FLDS hair!

Yep thats right Im calling myself out... and Maddie too I guess lol This week at the kids school they have been having spirit week (Im posting all pics at the end of the week) and today was inside out day. So I thought it would be fun to do an inside out upside down braid ummm NOO when Maddie put her head up after I was done I about pee'd my pants! She looked just like one of those FLDS women OMGosh I wanted to change it so badly but she loved it and we really didnt have time to fix it. So ya I sent my daughter out like this...
HORRIBLE!! Seriously isnt it right out of the news... just missing the oversized ugly dress!

So with her clothes inside out and her hair all stacked in a braid on top of her head she looked like she had just been captured. OMGosh I know that sounds horrible but for real it was that bad! When I picked her up 1/2 of her hair had fallen out so it looked even worse. I take great pride in how my kids all look, I dont allow holes in the clothes or messy hair. I always try to make sure they leave the house looking super cute.... especially my girls. So to have to send her out looking like that was hard and hilarious.
BUT she is home and was released and is safe at home with her hair fixed and with her family who will never allow her out of the house like that again!!
FYI if anyone is ever wanting to dress up as a FLDS I know the perfect do!


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That is hilarious. Fun times.