Monday, January 19, 2009

Free-dom at the zoo

This morning Tami called and asked if we wanted to go to the zoo since the kids were out of school for Martin Luther King day. I said ummm sure! I knew the kids would be super excited so we got ready and headed out. Well I dont think either of us realized that just about everyone from Denver thought it was a good idea too and also it was a free day which made it extra enticing, sooo ya LOTS and lots of people at the zoo today. The weather was beautiful we all walked around with no sweaters or coats and followed the kids around while they enjoyed some animals. I told Tami that going to the zoo is just like working out... you hate doing it until after and then your glad you did. As a plus we walked a ton especially since we had to park so far away so neither of us have to work out today! HA!! I snapped a few fun photos and played with them the top is my FAVORITE when we would stop to let the older kids go look at the animals we would stand back side by side and Jude and Malia would reach out to each other... isnt that the sweetest photo! LOVE IT!

Gotta love good friends

Eating some lunch

Her sassy face that keeps reappearing!

And I have to brag about how sweet Kaden is when hes watching out for Maddie he is always so concerned for her and gets actually pretty stressed out if he thinks she is going to get hurt or get lost so he keeps his eyes and hands on her. I love how she is holding on to him!

Heres the rest of the photos... we got to see 2 bears playing around and smacking each other, it was cute.


Chris Paxman said...

I love the one of Malia's new little face. I like the little headline picture you made in sepia of Malia and Jude reaching for each other! That's cool that Kaden looks out for Maddie, I think its something that the oldest child develops. I can remember counting head of all my little brothers and sister as long as I can remember.

Norah said...

I love the pictures! Oh, and I'm super jealous of your warm weather.

Elizabeth said...

Love the pics! I loved all the photo work you have been doing! I need a lesson! Glad you and Tami had fun..was a great day to go to the zoo even though the world went with you.