Monday, January 31, 2011

I Heart Faces ~ Best Face Photo

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is Best Face Photo. I was inspired to reach into my archives and pull this "Seeing through the Soul" photo of my niece from a couple of months ago. She had a hard weekend and as I was going through her session I had about 15 photos I wanted to use but decided on this one because I find her face and her eyes very haunting.
Love this sweet girl!
Head on over to I Heart Faces for some really gorgeous pictures!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It said so on the sheet...

While we were circling the maze of cats at the humane society, we kept reading the descriptions of all the cats. I wanted a lazy cat, didnt want a kitten, but didnt want to old, wanted black or orange, short haired and a cat that would be good with the kids.
Lucy's description said she likes to sit in the window and watch the world go by. Well I thought how the heck do they know.. shes stuck in a cage!
BUT they were right she is either sleeping the day away.. seriously this is the laziest cat (which I love) or is staring out a window.
What the description didnt mention is that she is a total bed hog! She went from hiding from us all day, to sneaking on our bed at night but jumping off as soon as we moved.. to sleeping on my feet.. then on my legs then next to my stomach and now right next to my head!
Now Im not a big pet person and waking up to her breathing next to my head is not a fun thing for me but I like her enough that I having kicked her off.. well I have when I have caught her cleaning herself!
There are so many times that I am adjusting while sleeping only to find her in my way and then I am maneuvering myself around her.. wth.. Tami I know you are gasping!
Anyways she is a keeper and I thought I should give an update!

Waste of time ball

AAARRRGGGG!!! This season of basketball has been the biggest waste of time! Not just because we cant win a game but because the coaches dont freaking coach!
After 2 months our boys look like newbies who cant dribble or pass.. to say the least its embarrassing!
We have a couple of very dramatic boys on our team that make personal fouls their personal enjoyment and then even act very disrespectful to the refs when they explain a call to them.. its really really bad!
And then still if you arent related to one of the coaches or at least really tall (even if you dont have skills) you dont really get a whole lot of playing time.
We actually ended up winning our first game on Saturday.. not sure how but we did but in between games a bunch of the boys sat around a table and all said how bad they want to quit.. they are sick of how bad the team is and that they are all pretty much bench warmers.. it made me so sad. Especially hearing a few of these boys that have played together for years and live for sport say how bad they hate it and want to quit and one of them was Kaden. We havent decided what to do. We are for sure not going to be part of this team next year!
I just feel really bad for Kaden who played really well for the Middle school and totally had his confidence up only for it to be crushed by these coaches whos only game play is to make sure their boys are in! GRRRR
When Kaden did get in he played some really good D.. there was one boy who was quite a bit taller that could not get past Kaden and never scored when Kaden was in but as soon as Kaden was taken out he scored a ton of points and they ended up killing us.
I guess a fun part is that Kadens little girl friend came to watch and sat by us the whole time. She is so sweet and I think its so cute that she came to watch and was willing to sit there for hours!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 Project 52

Well its week 4 and I gotta say I am feeling more challenged by these themes and the weather! I have ideas but its just so ugly outside right now Im finding it hard to be inspired.
The above photos theme is "Lines" after thinking and thinking I decided to just grab my camera and go for a walk and as soon as I stepped outside I saw my little table on my porch and I always love the warped wood, the chipped pain and the crooked legs, it has so much character.
And below the theme was "Soothing Repetition" hu what now? It took me awhile and finally I just had to think of what calms or comforts me and I always love a quite afternoon, reading. I grab my favorite bootie slippers, my favorite blanket, wrap up and read. I would LOVE for my fireplace to work but its the thought that counts right!?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its whats for dinner

Yummm!! So I always get in these kicks where I order a new cook book and try new things for a few weeks and then I fall right back into making and eating the same ol things.
Its been a little harder doing that during this winter when the fruits and vegetables kinda suck right now!
So a few weeks ago I ordered a biggest looser cook book for families and I right away was happy with what I found in there, most of the recipes are things I already make or have made with ingredients that I already usually have which isnt usually the case with most cook books.. Im more a 5 or under ingredient kinda girl ya know!
So finally this week I found a few things I wanted to try this week and tonight it was the Chicken Salad Dijon with Grapes and Apple. First off I am not a fan of mustard anyways but dijon YUCK! But I figured what the heck if I dont like it the kids will eat it right! So I made it and it was a big hit!! So I figured I would tell you all about it and share the recipe.
It is only 173 calories.. except I added a croissant to ours, but even with that its not to bad, especially for a dinner and we were all stuffed!

1 lb chicken breast ( I used a fo meat)
3 tsp extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste (I have pretty much quite adding salt and butter to any recipe that doesnt absolutely need it)
3 Tb fat free plain yogurt
3 Tb Dijon mustard
1/3 C chopped celery
1/3 C grapes halved
1/3 C chopped apple

Grill chicken and chop. Whisk together wet ingredients and remaining oil. And then throw in the rest! EASY PEASY!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Heart Faces "Innocent Wonder"

This picture cracks me up! When I saw I Heart Faces theme this week I thought geeze I don't know, I wish I had a baby! But I don't and I couldn't think of anything to do so I was going to skip this week. Until I saw Malia playing with her toys in the tub this morning.. and by the time I grabbed my camera.. Mrs. Walrus and Mr. Penguin were kissing!!
Now that is some innocent wonder!!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Smarty Pants

I am always amazed at how smarty this little chica is. She is always saying and doing things that I am not prepared for and man I just hope I can keep up with her when she gets in school!
A few months ago she really got into one of her opposites books and just took off. I was shocked when I realized it wasnt just the book that she memorized but she was adding her own and totally understood the concept of opposites. WOWZERS!
I am always trying to get her on camera doing these things but as soon as she sees the camera she is more concerned about seeing herself rather than performing for me! But today she did... with the promise of getting to watch herself after!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aww shucks

Today Kaden walked in and handed me these flowers and said some guy just dropped them off for me. I was stunned! I had had a bad day yesterday but didnt think anyone would think to send me something because of it. And when I opened the card it all made sense.
So to that person who is freaking awesome and knew that I needed a little pick me up.. Thank you seriously for always having my back, even when I dont realize I need it! TB you are the best TB ever!!
And the flowers are so dang pretty, and I love vases and this one is adorable!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 3 Project 52

This week was a really a challenge for both photos. This first ones theme was "grey matter" and there were photos being posted of just regular pics in b&w and then there were some really thinking type of photos like concerning religion and state and all that business.
So I while I was grabbing Rich's ring out of my car.. yes he leaves it EVERYWHERE! I decided to just grab a pic of our rings! I waited to late in the day and had bad light and I just couldnt decide how to edit them and which one to choose but with a little help I decided on this one!

Now this next ones theme was "dirty" and I gasped at the thought of having to take a pic of something dirty, I had to hurry and wash my hands at the thought.. just kidding (kinda).
Anyways I got a delivery of CRUMBS cupcakes this week and we were all sitting around the table enjoying them when I looked at Maddie and had to grab my camera. She was devouring hers and it was all chocolate and gooey yumminess!! And while I made her wait while I focused in on the cupcake I grabbed that pic just as her eyes grew and about bounced out of her eyes with the anticipation of awaiting that next yummy bite! Cracked me up when I snapped it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

And the rest

These were all my maybes for I Heart Faces today so I had to post them because I loved them all for different reasons, but in the end went with almost straight out of the camera sweet and head on, so you can see that one in my below post.

Maddie was a trooper for these photos, we had about 2 minutes to get these done and she braved the cold and didnt complain!

I Heart Faces~ Winter Wonderland

This weeks I Heart Faces theme is winter wonderland. Last week was all about winter too for my project 52's so I wasn't sure what to do with this weeks theme and was thinking maybe I wouldn't participate. Then Maddie needed to get ready for dance and it hit me, I just pictured this sweet little ballerina wanting to dance but being stuck in the snow and Maddie thankfully played along!!
Head over to I Heart Faces to see all the other wonderful faces!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

13 years and 1/2 my life later....

I am still lucky enough to be with the most wonderful man! I cant believe that its been 13 years since that freezing cold stormed over day when I married the man I never thought I would be lucky enough to get.
After he stood me up on our first date.. yes thats right he did, we started out as friends sending letters to each other while he was in the army. After a year or so he came home and we knew that we loved each other. Im not lying when I say he rescued me. He rescued me from my past and from a future of being alone (thinking that I wanted to be alone).
So you see I am quite the lucky girl. He doesnt argue with me (much) and he is usually smart enough to say sorry first! He isnt demanding or pushy actually he lets me take that role! He is hard working, strong, smart, loving, and much kinder than I ever am. He is an excellent father and for all of these things I am very grateful. I didnt know there could be marriages like the one we have and I am always so proud of us both for sticking with it and working to be who we are together now.
Together we get to be silly..

And we sure do laugh
And other things hehe
We decided to celebrate yesterday because today is church, and it was kinda funny (or unfortunate) that we started our day out just as we had all those years ago. But after a rough morning (not anything dramatic between us) we went to Kadens bball game and then we went on a date of shopping, where he spoiled me and then to dinner. It was really nice!!
I love you babe.. thanks for 13 wonderful, hard, funny amusing and right back to awesome and wonderful years!
Kadens team sucks, yep they do but thats ok. Kaden plays great D and when he has the ball he handles it great and even got a couple baskets yesterday. The coach unfortunately is a little to concerned with his own son, nephew and friends playing rather than teaching some fundamentals (we SUCK at passing) rather than letting the better players play and actually teaching them how to play. Im thinking this will be a big waist of a season. BUT like I said Kaden is playing great when he is in so I guess we will focus on that!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Malia p52 outtakes

My first attempt at getting my p52 pic did not go the way I wanted, I grabbed Malia, bundled her up we went outside but she wasnt feeling it. I had made her pause Tad and she wasnt happy about that so I promised her a snack after we were done, and then I made the mistake of saying the word chocolate... WOOPS lets just say we ended up back in the house with her in time out for a major tantrum!
So after a calm down and some snuggles we tried again, it was now a little to bright so of course her eyes disappear BUT she was way more into it and was grabbing the snow and throwing it up and then trying to eat it! It was cute!
After I got a few shots it was so nice outside that I just let her play for awhile. She was in heaven! Girl friend needs good weather so she can play outside!
Check out my below post for my actual project 52 pics!

Future skier?

Week 2 project 52

This is my first one, the theme was "song" knowing that my other theme was snow I decided to stick with a snow/cold them and went with the song "Baby its Cold Outside" so I stuck Malia out in the snow after bundling her up! I liked this one because of her serious look.

And now for "Snow" I love a day like today where it is nice and bright and even warm but there is still snow on the ground, so I tried to capture the oxymoron of it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Heart Faces SMILE

Along with my 2 project 52's Ive decided I will try to participate in as many I Heart Faces comps as possible!
This weeks theme is Smile and I decided to capture Malia in the tub because she is at her happiest while in the water!! I sure love that smile and those perfect teeth she has!!
Head on over to I Heart Faces to get inspired with smiles!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52 A new year a new goal!

After completing my project 365 I know I needed a new project/goal for this year. I did a little looking around and decided on two different Project 52's. They are photography projects. Both of them you get a theme or word for the week and take a picture of your interpretation.
This weeks was egg and something around the house. So here are my first 2 of the year!

This nest was discovered after all of the leaves were ripped away by the wind. We can see it right outside our kitchen windows and I have been fascinated by it. It was built so strong that it has held up through all the wind, snow and rain. But I also find it very lonely. It makes me think of empty nesters.. something Im not looking forward to.
And these boxes are my "something around the house" theme. They are boxes I bought while with my sister for Malias room before she was even home. I loved them right away and still wish they were in my room instead! I love the antique but fresh look about them. After photographing them I thought ya Im stealing those but Malia was soon by my side saying those are for my room. So guess I cant steal them!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


After telling her to clean her room or something else she doesnt want to do she'll say "You dont tell me!"

She loves to say "Guess What!"

Her new thing is all about why? and after answering the why... a few times and her still asking WHY I start saying because, to which she replies "You dont say CU'UZ"

She is always wanting to make sure we are smiling and happy with her.. especially if she has just done something noddy.. she will tilt her head and say "SMILE"

She is always telling me "you make me so happy" and "I love you so much" in the cutest tone

After not practicing letters or numbers or any of that good stuff for the last few weeks we started again yesterday and I thought that maybe she wouldnt remember all the sounds but she still has it all down including all the words she knows how to read! Girlfriend is a smarty pants!

There are a lot of phrases she says that I always think I need to write that down and of course I forget so I will have to do better with that!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone needs a good cleaning!

The girls both had dentist appointments this morning! I am always nervous about Malia's reaction but she did really well last time so I was hopeful she would again. She went in having a good attitude about it until it was time to go in the room and she crossed her arms and said she didnt want to go back, but I ushered her back because we were going to watch Maddie first. She was soon at ease, until she realized it was her turn and she again was folding her arms saying she didnt want to, its NOT my turn. Now she was being quiet about this and I could tell she was wanting to cry and she was very nervous but she saw that Maddie got a bag full of goodies so that got her into the chair. I could tell she was nervous and tense the whole time but she got through it and did a very good job and both girls got a clean bill of teeth!!
I was really proud of Malia, it was really sad to see how nervous she was but how hard she was trying to be good! The ladies that work there just love her so much so that helped make it funner for her, getting so much attention.
And Maddie is always good and easy!!

btw these are cell phone pics!
And I happened into this tonight...

And isnt that what having sisters is all about!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I took 2 days off, the first day I had to force myself NOT to blog. I knew if I did it and kept doing it I would end up competing with myself and hate every second of it, so now that Ive taken that pressure off myself I can blog whenever I want again!! So Im ba'aaack!
And the today was the kids' last day off before school starts back up tomorrow. They arent looking forward to it, Im not looking forward to it and and I know Malia will be bummed too. I decided to try something fun today to finish off the break so we picked up some paint and canvas and came home and they each painted their own picture.
It was so much fun and I really thought they were going to turn out to be crap but they did such a good job! Maddie knew right away that she wanted a rainbow, Kaden wasnt sure what to do and he kept his simple but it ended up looking really cool and Malia's is very artistic hehe!
I decided that was a super fn activity that we will have to do more often!

And this pic is just for those lips, seriously she has the most delicious lips!
Just a little bit on those cute little fingers