Sunday, January 30, 2011

It said so on the sheet...

While we were circling the maze of cats at the humane society, we kept reading the descriptions of all the cats. I wanted a lazy cat, didnt want a kitten, but didnt want to old, wanted black or orange, short haired and a cat that would be good with the kids.
Lucy's description said she likes to sit in the window and watch the world go by. Well I thought how the heck do they know.. shes stuck in a cage!
BUT they were right she is either sleeping the day away.. seriously this is the laziest cat (which I love) or is staring out a window.
What the description didnt mention is that she is a total bed hog! She went from hiding from us all day, to sneaking on our bed at night but jumping off as soon as we moved.. to sleeping on my feet.. then on my legs then next to my stomach and now right next to my head!
Now Im not a big pet person and waking up to her breathing next to my head is not a fun thing for me but I like her enough that I having kicked her off.. well I have when I have caught her cleaning herself!
There are so many times that I am adjusting while sleeping only to find her in my way and then I am maneuvering myself around her.. wth.. Tami I know you are gasping!
Anyways she is a keeper and I thought I should give an update!


alison said...

I had a dog like that as a kid. I woke up several mornings to him curled up around my head.

tamiz said...

LOL you know me... well, my cat used to sleep by my head when I was in HS but I really expected more from you! Why do you kick her off for cleaning? A girl's gotta practice good hygiene!