Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 Project 52

Well its week 4 and I gotta say I am feeling more challenged by these themes and the weather! I have ideas but its just so ugly outside right now Im finding it hard to be inspired.
The above photos theme is "Lines" after thinking and thinking I decided to just grab my camera and go for a walk and as soon as I stepped outside I saw my little table on my porch and I always love the warped wood, the chipped pain and the crooked legs, it has so much character.
And below the theme was "Soothing Repetition" hu what now? It took me awhile and finally I just had to think of what calms or comforts me and I always love a quite afternoon, reading. I grab my favorite bootie slippers, my favorite blanket, wrap up and read. I would LOVE for my fireplace to work but its the thought that counts right!?


Angela said...

I wish I had a fireplace... Cute slippers too! I love doing that kind of stuff sometimes. I need to relax more and just be comfy and read!

Erica said...

Great photos!! I love the one with your slippers and the fireplace- very cool!

Elizabeth said...

Loved the pics you took! I need to take more time out to chillout and get comfy too! Very creative!