Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its whats for dinner

Yummm!! So I always get in these kicks where I order a new cook book and try new things for a few weeks and then I fall right back into making and eating the same ol things.
Its been a little harder doing that during this winter when the fruits and vegetables kinda suck right now!
So a few weeks ago I ordered a biggest looser cook book for families and I right away was happy with what I found in there, most of the recipes are things I already make or have made with ingredients that I already usually have which isnt usually the case with most cook books.. Im more a 5 or under ingredient kinda girl ya know!
So finally this week I found a few things I wanted to try this week and tonight it was the Chicken Salad Dijon with Grapes and Apple. First off I am not a fan of mustard anyways but dijon YUCK! But I figured what the heck if I dont like it the kids will eat it right! So I made it and it was a big hit!! So I figured I would tell you all about it and share the recipe.
It is only 173 calories.. except I added a croissant to ours, but even with that its not to bad, especially for a dinner and we were all stuffed!

1 lb chicken breast ( I used a fo meat)
3 tsp extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste (I have pretty much quite adding salt and butter to any recipe that doesnt absolutely need it)
3 Tb fat free plain yogurt
3 Tb Dijon mustard
1/3 C chopped celery
1/3 C grapes halved
1/3 C chopped apple

Grill chicken and chop. Whisk together wet ingredients and remaining oil. And then throw in the rest! EASY PEASY!


Angela said...

Yum! I make something similar, but it is way more calorie involved! I am going to give yours a try!

Sharon said...

You're still doing the Veg thing, right?

tamiz said...

Looks really good! Bring your leftovers on over!

Elizabeth said...

That looks so yummy!! I will have to try it for sure! I wondered what the croissants were for! :)