Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waste of time ball

AAARRRGGGG!!! This season of basketball has been the biggest waste of time! Not just because we cant win a game but because the coaches dont freaking coach!
After 2 months our boys look like newbies who cant dribble or pass.. to say the least its embarrassing!
We have a couple of very dramatic boys on our team that make personal fouls their personal enjoyment and then even act very disrespectful to the refs when they explain a call to them.. its really really bad!
And then still if you arent related to one of the coaches or at least really tall (even if you dont have skills) you dont really get a whole lot of playing time.
We actually ended up winning our first game on Saturday.. not sure how but we did but in between games a bunch of the boys sat around a table and all said how bad they want to quit.. they are sick of how bad the team is and that they are all pretty much bench warmers.. it made me so sad. Especially hearing a few of these boys that have played together for years and live for sport say how bad they hate it and want to quit and one of them was Kaden. We havent decided what to do. We are for sure not going to be part of this team next year!
I just feel really bad for Kaden who played really well for the Middle school and totally had his confidence up only for it to be crushed by these coaches whos only game play is to make sure their boys are in! GRRRR
When Kaden did get in he played some really good D.. there was one boy who was quite a bit taller that could not get past Kaden and never scored when Kaden was in but as soon as Kaden was taken out he scored a ton of points and they ended up killing us.
I guess a fun part is that Kadens little girl friend came to watch and sat by us the whole time. She is so sweet and I think its so cute that she came to watch and was willing to sit there for hours!