Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone needs a good cleaning!

The girls both had dentist appointments this morning! I am always nervous about Malia's reaction but she did really well last time so I was hopeful she would again. She went in having a good attitude about it until it was time to go in the room and she crossed her arms and said she didnt want to go back, but I ushered her back because we were going to watch Maddie first. She was soon at ease, until she realized it was her turn and she again was folding her arms saying she didnt want to, its NOT my turn. Now she was being quiet about this and I could tell she was wanting to cry and she was very nervous but she saw that Maddie got a bag full of goodies so that got her into the chair. I could tell she was nervous and tense the whole time but she got through it and did a very good job and both girls got a clean bill of teeth!!
I was really proud of Malia, it was really sad to see how nervous she was but how hard she was trying to be good! The ladies that work there just love her so much so that helped make it funner for her, getting so much attention.
And Maddie is always good and easy!!

btw these are cell phone pics!
And I happened into this tonight...

And isnt that what having sisters is all about!!


Haley L said...

So neat to see your girls becoming such great buddies. Makes me wish I had a sister!

Melissa said...

I have a mental picture of Malia crossing her arms and refusing to go in - it's pretty darn funny. LOL

tamiz said...

I never played nice with my sisters! At least I don't think I did. You're kids are really GOOD, sweet, easy going peacemakers!

Becki said...

Well at least the whole bed isn't covered with animals!!!! ;)