Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I took 2 days off, the first day I had to force myself NOT to blog. I knew if I did it and kept doing it I would end up competing with myself and hate every second of it, so now that Ive taken that pressure off myself I can blog whenever I want again!! So Im ba'aaack!
And the today was the kids' last day off before school starts back up tomorrow. They arent looking forward to it, Im not looking forward to it and and I know Malia will be bummed too. I decided to try something fun today to finish off the break so we picked up some paint and canvas and came home and they each painted their own picture.
It was so much fun and I really thought they were going to turn out to be crap but they did such a good job! Maddie knew right away that she wanted a rainbow, Kaden wasnt sure what to do and he kept his simple but it ended up looking really cool and Malia's is very artistic hehe!
I decided that was a super fn activity that we will have to do more often!

And this pic is just for those lips, seriously she has the most delicious lips!
Just a little bit on those cute little fingers


Melissa said...

What a great idea! And Rory has that same outfit, but not the headband so I need a hook-up. :)

Missed you on those two missed days of blogging!

tamiz said...

So fun! Does Kaden's say "beast" or best? I coulnd't tell if there was a white a in there. One way is gleetastic and the other is great too. I'm guessing Malia was only given access to the good paint colors. HA!

Norah said...

What great artists you have!

Brenda said...

OK- since I came out of hiding I may as well post again. :)

Love the pictures. You always have the best ideas of fun things to do with your kids. I think about it, then everyone complains, then I say forget it. We should just go and do like you.