Thursday, April 30, 2009

A scouting we will go!

I have to admit something so shocking you might need to sit down... I HATE scouts, not the boys but having to do it, I have a horrible attitude about it, I know this and Im working on it. I love that Kaden loves it but really for the last few years its been all about me helping him do all this crap that I really dont give a rip about.. I know BAD attitude! So I told Rich tonight that he better get moving on this crap and start helping Kaden out cuz Im ready for a scouty break!
Now onto better things, Kaden got his Weebelos tonight! He has worked pretty hard the last month or so to make sure he got it before his birthday in a couple months and also his leaders got switched and he wanted to be able to get some stuff finished with them before the new ones started. So hooray!! Now on to his Arrow of Light... RICH get to work!

Proud parents!

Maddie and Silas dont care to much for the whole deal either.. I was wishing I could join them!
Kaden got to call the flags tonight and did a great job!
The weather this week has been just beautiful! I had to do some summer shopping for the girls... yes for real they really were in need! Maddie went with me and we had a blast and did some serious damage in a very short amount of time.. Gap has the cutest lines right now and I want them all! So here are just a few pics from the last couple of days, I have not been good about getting photos and blogging SORRY!
I love a good air shot!
Is she cute or what
seriously love the turn the head shots
being so goofy.. I swear this outfit gave her a serious tude
Maddie in frog pose! Love that this girl is a good poser for me!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We love Spring!

This whole week we have spent so much time outside it has been sooo nice! I love this weather, its so perfect, not to hot not to cold! LOVE IT!! Maddie is a big lover of Popsicles so if its nice outside shes pretty sure she needs one. Well Malia decided she wanted some too so Maddie had lots of fun sharing hers, it was hilarious watching Malia trying to be so patient waiting for her tastes and I think after a few licks Maddie didnt get to much of her own because Malia would right away say please, please, please after it was pulled away! So funny! Good thing for Malia that Maddie loves to share and play big sister!

Maddie loves the camera Malia was wanting that Popsicle!
wasnt so sure about it at first actually
Drooling just thinking about it
Sooo happy
She got really silly...

Seriously it doesnt get cuter than that!
Maddie loves being outside on the tramp
And heres Mr. Silas sooo handsome!
Had to get a tooshy shot in this outfit

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great News!

We got terrific news last week and I cant believe I haven't shared it yet! We got our court date to finalize!! We are so excited I cant even tell you! I right away (of course) had to start the dress shopping for Malia.. there will actually be 3 very special days, our court date our Temple date and her blessing date and I cant wait for that because it is all around Mothers Day weekend!! Can you get a better gift, I don't think so!!
So the after our non stop 2 1/2 day rain we have had beautiful weather again, the grass is soo happy (so are the weeds) so we have been outside lots! The kids had lots of fun out there playing ball riding bikes and scooters and Malia is over her fear of the grass and just goes goes goes!! I love Spring, it is my favorite season. I love that I can wear jackets and shorts and be warm and that I we can hang out outside until bed time and have plenty of light and warm air! Love it!

Daddy with his angel
Miss Maddie getting ready for dance

such a sweetie
This girl is fearless on her bike... YIKES

O a snap of mom and dad

Wait STOP people
Love a good glare shot

Ok I love this shot! I didnt quite get it the way I wanted it in LR but pretty close

Boys are loving being outside so much

He shoots he...
ooooo SHE scores!!
Ok the other day Malia was running around and her pants kept falling down and she looked like a gangsta so we had her pose agains the wall!
Stick'em up

Friday, April 17, 2009

A story by Kaden

We got this story back from Kadens teacher with all sorts of good notes on it. We read it and cracked up throughout it! I love his humor! Its probably funnier to us because the part about choking is true! Anyways here it is word for word..

Pizza Is Better Than a Sandwich
by Kaden
After having a sandwich I didn't want it because it had a boring taste. After I have pizza I would want more because it has a AWESOME taste. I cant resist it, melty cheese, sausage all that great stuff. Pizza is better because my survey says people would rather have a pizza. And its better taste. And a sandwich is more dangerous as well, here's the proof.
I learned pizza has a better taste than a sandwich. Let me tell you why. One time I was having a boring sandwich that didn't have a taste I call WOW! I didn't want to finish it but to be nice I finished it anyway. A while later it was a little longer than a week, me and my family had Black Jack pizza. It had a the taste I call WOW! The melty cheese, peperoni, sausage and don't forget the crunchy sometimes fluffy crust. You need to try the billion bucks and feel rich in your belly.
Have you ever wondered if a sandwich is dangerous? Well it can be very dangerous. here is why. One day me and my family were having sandwiches for dinner, then my dad tells me to get his glass of water. I didn't know why he couldn't get it himself, so I asked him that. Then he told me he was choking on bread. So I ran to give him his drink and he said thanks. This happens a lot to my dad when he has bread. Does that prove that sandwiches are more dangerous than pizza? It better!
Now let me prove that more people would rather have pizza than a sandwich. A while ago I went around the class asking everybody if they would rather have a pizza or a sandwich, you guessed it. Pizza won BIG TIME! But four rascals would rather have a boring sandwich. BOO! Let the food throwing begin. So tell them pizza ROCKS and sandwiches don't stand a chance. Do you want to see the whupping pizza gave the sandwiches. THE AWESOME PIZZA RULES ALL FOODS! My bad I got carried away. Here's the score.
23 Pizza-4 Sandwiches
Well looks like I need to go eat more pizza. I hope you agree with me that pizza has a better taste, most people agree with me and now know sandwiches are dangerous. do me a favor and eat all the pizzas you can eat.
Gotta love that ending! So the teacher gave him lots of good notes on his humor and descriptiveness and he got and A. So good job Kaden!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lovin the weather!

We are having perfect weather right now so we have been enjoying lots of time outside! Malia isnt hesitant on the lawn anymore (maybe because it isnt so crunchy) and is loving her new slide and running around! I loved watching Maddie and Malia today having fun and running around together. I also got what I think is my most favorite shot of Malia ever... LOVE LIGHT ROOM!! So here are lots and lots of photos, this first one is my FAV!!!

I was enjoying trying to get the glare of the sun in these photos.. gotta love the constant drool
Love this one too.. she was just exploring
She had picked a flower and was kissing sweet!
Maddie was being a puppy!
Following sis

First checking out that dang dandilion UGH I hate weeds but she thought it was great
See momma
Maddie loves her Easter chalk
Cant get me!
It was missmatch day today and this was Maddies outfit today.. we had lots of fun and Maddie is always such a good poser!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

We had a very nice and relaxed Easter! We had told the kids that we would wake THEM up and no earlier than 6:30 so that Malia could get a normal amount of rest and they did awesome waiting for us. Rich woke me up at 6:30 and we layed there for awhile and then finally got up and grabbed the kids. Maddie was super excited and Malia wasnt sure what was going on and I think the boys were pretty pumped too!
They boys both got Razor scooter thingies and Maddie got a 2 wheel scooter rather than the 3 wheeled one she has had and was soooo ready for it! Malia got a little slide for outside and has been loving it, she has already mastered going up the slide the wrong way!
After eating breakfast they went outside to test out their new rides and all took off and had a blast and nobody crashed!! Maddie keeps up with the boys which was scaring the pants off me but shes got some skill!
I did not get the pics I wanted of all the kids in their Easter clothes cuz Malia was in bed when the boys all left for church and then she was also asleep when we got home from church so no great pics of her or really anyone and by the time I layed her down in her crib the boys had already gotten out of theirs so I had to hurry and make them redress so I could at least snap a few shots of them AAAHHH so maybe in a couple weeks with some greener grass I will go get some better shots cuz they all looked so darling in their outfits... our theme color this year was pink, and the boys were great sports about it. We had a yummy dinner and just relaxed the rest of the day and ate way to much candy! Im hoping the candy will loose its affect on me tomorrow and I can ignore it!
We of course in church and at home talked to the kids about the real meaning of Easter and when we first asked Maddie what it was she said candy and toys... UT OH!! But will drilled into them the real meaning (I hope).

Malia after her nap... love her curly hair shot
Giving dad a huge hug and kiss
Kaden looking sooo sharp.. good lookin boy!

Dallin looking so smart and handsome

Sweet girls trying out the slide one more time before church
My sweet little princess looking OO so sweet in her dress that twirls yeah!

LOVE Malias dress!
Doesnt she look so sweet!
Wasnt so sure about those ballet shoes at first! They are so stinkin cute though
Watch out.. theres a new gang in town!


She found her basket!
All the kids looking for their baskets.. Dallin and Maddie had the hardest time!

A pretty pleased boy
Testing out her new toy
Skootin in the house... for one day only
They were pretty excited