Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oooo to the knot dress!

I have been eagerly anticipating a very exciting package! I am in love with knot dresses. Malia has one and Ive been waiting for a blogger buddy Nicki to start her etsy store Addywear so that I could buy her creations. They came on Tuesday and I was just a wee bit excited but I made the girls wait a couple days for good weather and when I knew we would be going somewhere so we could show them off!
Maddie was so excited she actually got teary... she does that when she gets really excited and happy, it cracks me up! Malia even gave her dress a big squeeze.
So today I dressed them up, it was the first thing Maddie said to me today was that "today I get to where my dress!" They looked super darling and I was just a little bummed that the weather wasnt at its best when we took photos so I didnt get a ton. I also got Lightroom for my b-day last week so I finally was playing around with that today... so you have to look at the full color photos to get the real feel of these awesome knot dresses! Thanks so much Nicki we love love them!!! The girls had the best time twirling in them all day!!

Love that they were holding hands
Twirling round and round
She really wanted 1 alone to show how cute the dress is... and her!
She had Malia cracking up... so sweet!
Malia was yelling wahoo and twirling

Love this pic of Maddie love it!


Angela said...

Those are the cutest dresses! Love them! Your girls look darling in them too! How fun to get dresses together and be so excited aobut it!

Alison said...

What cute dresses! The girls are so sweet in them--I love watching how they've taken to each other.

Erica said...

Those really are cute dresses. Too bad I won't have any need for them in my house.

Melissa said...

Ahhhhh! My newest love is knot dresses. I got Rory the cutest one (although the ones your girls have are seriously rivaling it!). I'm going to have to get another! :)

Melissa said...

Oh, and don't you LOVE Lightroom!

Chris Paxman said...

oooooo....Lightroom huh? Do you love it?

Elizabeth said...

Love the dresses...I too wish I had the need for one..!! :) I especially LOVE that last photo of Maddie! You are such a great photographer..way to capture the moment