Friday, April 17, 2009

A story by Kaden

We got this story back from Kadens teacher with all sorts of good notes on it. We read it and cracked up throughout it! I love his humor! Its probably funnier to us because the part about choking is true! Anyways here it is word for word..

Pizza Is Better Than a Sandwich
by Kaden
After having a sandwich I didn't want it because it had a boring taste. After I have pizza I would want more because it has a AWESOME taste. I cant resist it, melty cheese, sausage all that great stuff. Pizza is better because my survey says people would rather have a pizza. And its better taste. And a sandwich is more dangerous as well, here's the proof.
I learned pizza has a better taste than a sandwich. Let me tell you why. One time I was having a boring sandwich that didn't have a taste I call WOW! I didn't want to finish it but to be nice I finished it anyway. A while later it was a little longer than a week, me and my family had Black Jack pizza. It had a the taste I call WOW! The melty cheese, peperoni, sausage and don't forget the crunchy sometimes fluffy crust. You need to try the billion bucks and feel rich in your belly.
Have you ever wondered if a sandwich is dangerous? Well it can be very dangerous. here is why. One day me and my family were having sandwiches for dinner, then my dad tells me to get his glass of water. I didn't know why he couldn't get it himself, so I asked him that. Then he told me he was choking on bread. So I ran to give him his drink and he said thanks. This happens a lot to my dad when he has bread. Does that prove that sandwiches are more dangerous than pizza? It better!
Now let me prove that more people would rather have pizza than a sandwich. A while ago I went around the class asking everybody if they would rather have a pizza or a sandwich, you guessed it. Pizza won BIG TIME! But four rascals would rather have a boring sandwich. BOO! Let the food throwing begin. So tell them pizza ROCKS and sandwiches don't stand a chance. Do you want to see the whupping pizza gave the sandwiches. THE AWESOME PIZZA RULES ALL FOODS! My bad I got carried away. Here's the score.
23 Pizza-4 Sandwiches
Well looks like I need to go eat more pizza. I hope you agree with me that pizza has a better taste, most people agree with me and now know sandwiches are dangerous. do me a favor and eat all the pizzas you can eat.
Gotta love that ending! So the teacher gave him lots of good notes on his humor and descriptiveness and he got and A. So good job Kaden!


Alison said...

That's too funny--dangerous sandwiches indeed!!

tamiz said...

I could go for some Black Jack right now! Yum yum! And for real, who would choose a sandwich over pizza?

carrie said...

This story is so cute and funny, totally made me laugh out loud.