Monday, April 20, 2009

Great News!

We got terrific news last week and I cant believe I haven't shared it yet! We got our court date to finalize!! We are so excited I cant even tell you! I right away (of course) had to start the dress shopping for Malia.. there will actually be 3 very special days, our court date our Temple date and her blessing date and I cant wait for that because it is all around Mothers Day weekend!! Can you get a better gift, I don't think so!!
So the after our non stop 2 1/2 day rain we have had beautiful weather again, the grass is soo happy (so are the weeds) so we have been outside lots! The kids had lots of fun out there playing ball riding bikes and scooters and Malia is over her fear of the grass and just goes goes goes!! I love Spring, it is my favorite season. I love that I can wear jackets and shorts and be warm and that I we can hang out outside until bed time and have plenty of light and warm air! Love it!

Daddy with his angel
Miss Maddie getting ready for dance

such a sweetie
This girl is fearless on her bike... YIKES

O a snap of mom and dad

Wait STOP people
Love a good glare shot

Ok I love this shot! I didnt quite get it the way I wanted it in LR but pretty close

Boys are loving being outside so much

He shoots he...
ooooo SHE scores!!
Ok the other day Malia was running around and her pants kept falling down and she looked like a gangsta so we had her pose agains the wall!
Stick'em up


Alison said...

Congratulations!! Its hard to believe its already past 6 months that you've had her--what a fantastic Mother's Day gift!!
Just wanted to say I really enjoy the pictures you take--they're always really good.

Elizabeth said...

YEAH!! That is the BEST gift ever!! Congrats! So excited for you!

Angela said...

Having be "official" has got to be such a good feeling! Your family is beautiful!

Tirsa said...

What a special weekend that will be and I truly can't think of a better Mother's Day gift. Malia is just so perfect in your family and I just love seeing how you have all blended so beautifully. What a blessing she is!

Haley L said...

It will be like icing on top of a 3-tiered cake. :) I get goosebumps thinking about Malia in the temple in all white with you guys.

Melissa said...

Congrats on a finalization date!!

Kelly said...

Love your sunflare shot! And congrats on the court date! YEAH!

Jolayne said...

That is fantastic. Congratulations! I am sure that it will be an amazing month.