Saturday, April 25, 2009

We love Spring!

This whole week we have spent so much time outside it has been sooo nice! I love this weather, its so perfect, not to hot not to cold! LOVE IT!! Maddie is a big lover of Popsicles so if its nice outside shes pretty sure she needs one. Well Malia decided she wanted some too so Maddie had lots of fun sharing hers, it was hilarious watching Malia trying to be so patient waiting for her tastes and I think after a few licks Maddie didnt get to much of her own because Malia would right away say please, please, please after it was pulled away! So funny! Good thing for Malia that Maddie loves to share and play big sister!

Maddie loves the camera Malia was wanting that Popsicle!
wasnt so sure about it at first actually
Drooling just thinking about it
Sooo happy
She got really silly...

Seriously it doesnt get cuter than that!
Maddie loves being outside on the tramp
And heres Mr. Silas sooo handsome!
Had to get a tooshy shot in this outfit


tamiz said...

Those are some darling girls you've got there! Malia's dress today was awesome! So... how many dresses are hanging in that little girl's closet?