Saturday, April 11, 2009


We've had fun the last couple days preparing for Easter. We had a fun time with the Zims and Lindhardts having an Easter Egg Hunt. (thanks for hosting Zimmers) Each kid was able to find 12 eggs and all the older boys were hidden by the dads and the moms hid the younger kids. We had lots of fun watching the kids go crazy running around searching, both Jude and Malia turned into pros... Jude has some serious skill! And then today we decorated eggs. We tried something new and used glitter sand which was fun. Malia wanted the eggs and kept yelling balls balls balls and then once we would hand her one the kinda freaked her out... especially the glitter covered eggs LOL! I think the kids had a blast and I cant wait to see the looks on their faces tomorrow.
Of course we will have church and sit and talk about the real reason for Easter, we are all truly blessed for the sacrifice Jesus made for us and having this holiday to help us remember sure helps me to be a better person.

Maddie coloring some Easter pages (Love this photo.. shes so dang pretty!)
The boys played 500 after the hunt... nice reach Kaden!

Check out Isaac's air, as he gets hit in the gut... OUCH!

The whole crew after happily stuffing themselves with their candy
Capable Jude is what I call this boy... it is amazing watching him rule the backyard with no fear
Love this sweet photo of Rich leading Malia around to find eggs


Alison said...

Looks like it was a great day!

Haley L said...

It really was a fun afternoon and glad to see even the big kids enjoying being kids. Kinley told me spending time with Maddie was her favorite part of Easter. :) You got some great pics!

Becki said...

Looks like lot's of fun and sunshine!!! Would you mind sending some my way?!!!