Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

We had a very nice and relaxed Easter! We had told the kids that we would wake THEM up and no earlier than 6:30 so that Malia could get a normal amount of rest and they did awesome waiting for us. Rich woke me up at 6:30 and we layed there for awhile and then finally got up and grabbed the kids. Maddie was super excited and Malia wasnt sure what was going on and I think the boys were pretty pumped too!
They boys both got Razor scooter thingies and Maddie got a 2 wheel scooter rather than the 3 wheeled one she has had and was soooo ready for it! Malia got a little slide for outside and has been loving it, she has already mastered going up the slide the wrong way!
After eating breakfast they went outside to test out their new rides and all took off and had a blast and nobody crashed!! Maddie keeps up with the boys which was scaring the pants off me but shes got some skill!
I did not get the pics I wanted of all the kids in their Easter clothes cuz Malia was in bed when the boys all left for church and then she was also asleep when we got home from church so no great pics of her or really anyone and by the time I layed her down in her crib the boys had already gotten out of theirs so I had to hurry and make them redress so I could at least snap a few shots of them AAAHHH so maybe in a couple weeks with some greener grass I will go get some better shots cuz they all looked so darling in their outfits... our theme color this year was pink, and the boys were great sports about it. We had a yummy dinner and just relaxed the rest of the day and ate way to much candy! Im hoping the candy will loose its affect on me tomorrow and I can ignore it!
We of course in church and at home talked to the kids about the real meaning of Easter and when we first asked Maddie what it was she said candy and toys... UT OH!! But will drilled into them the real meaning (I hope).

Malia after her nap... love her curly hair shot
Giving dad a huge hug and kiss
Kaden looking sooo sharp.. good lookin boy!

Dallin looking so smart and handsome

Sweet girls trying out the slide one more time before church
My sweet little princess looking OO so sweet in her dress that twirls yeah!

LOVE Malias dress!
Doesnt she look so sweet!
Wasnt so sure about those ballet shoes at first! They are so stinkin cute though
Watch out.. theres a new gang in town!


She found her basket!
All the kids looking for their baskets.. Dallin and Maddie had the hardest time!

A pretty pleased boy
Testing out her new toy
Skootin in the house... for one day only
They were pretty excited


Becki said...

Looks like fun! Everybody looks so nice in their easter clothes. Especially little man!!! lol I might be a little biased though!

carrie said...

Kris, you always dress your kids so cute! I love Malia's easter dress and those shoes, I am a shoe lover and those are so adorable.

So Crazy, I work at a day care with Cristine Crystal and she was telling me that her brother died and then I just read on yor blog that he was your step-dad. The world just keeps getting smaller, I swear! I didn't know him, but I am so sorry to hear that, he sounded like a good guy. I hope you are doing OK. Take care. Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog, they make my day!