Sunday, April 5, 2009

18 months and 6 month marker

Well tomorrow Miss Malia will be 18 months, I just cant believe how old my baby is. She is hitting so many mile stones and Im so excited for her but its always hard when your baby grows up faster than you want. Tonight she hit a big one.. well it was little but big..... She did her first poopie on the potty!! Can you believe it! 18 months people, I really didnt want this but like I said before I dont want to hold back her achievements because Im not ready. So tonight she was doing her obvious pooping signs and so I asked her if she wanted to go potty and she took my hand and got all excited to sit down and started to push and push, I didnt think she would actually do it and when she had sat there for a few minutes I asked if she was done and she shook her head yes and stood up and THERE IT WAS! I little poopie!! I yelled and probably scared her and we all did that happy poo poo dance. She was then rewarded 1 m&m which she was pretty pleased with and I made her sit down again and she gave me the #2 sign LOL!! Yaa Malia!
So other than that on Friday we also had our very last Post Placement check up and it of course went very well. We found out that our agency is just waiting for Holt to send one last paper so that we can get a court date! We are still hoping for it to happen maybe the end of this month but might not happen until next which is ok. Im just so excited to get it done!! WOOHOO
Here is what Malia is up to:
Transitioning to 1 nap a day but still sometimes needs 2 or at least her quiet time
Is getting pretty good at her shapes in the shape toy
Says so many words I cant even keep track
She is using them correctly more often and when she babbles its starting to sound more like real words than just babble
Is continuing to bond to me more and more!! This I love and need so much!
She is getting more cuddly with both Rich and I!
Is giving us kisses lots and lots!!
Can follow directions.... Give this to daddy, put this in the garbage etc
Can point to most of her body parts
If asked what a dog, cat, bird, bear, lion, frog, pig, or bee says she can make the sounds
Can sing A and B of the alphabet then the rest is babble
Still feels more comfortable with men than women especially Caleb LOVES Caleb
Is starting to climb things YIKES
She is wanting to draw and has found Maddies pencils a couple times now and has drawn on her door and wall and Maddies toy box AAAAHHH
She is the best copy cat
Is such a loving sweet spunky firey girl and gorgeous to boot!
We are blessed!

Here she is showing her #2!
Pretty happy about sitting on the chair

She didnt want off actually!

And OO so happy about her M&M!!
Last weekend my sis drove down from Utah during our blizzard and got stuck in Wyoming for 24 hours UGH!! Once she made it we didnt have to much time to do anything especially with our yucky weather, but we still had some fun! We made lots of really fun flower clips and watched movies and played games. It was really fun for the kids to finally get to meet Malia and she of course was loving on them!
Heres Kylie my niece.. the model! I swear this girl has the longest legs, shes already a few inches taller than me and shes only 13! Shes gonna be a heart breaker just like her momma.. poor boys
Becki has been going to school to learn how to do manis and pedis and nails and stuff and Maddie and I both got Glitter toes! Maddie was in HEAVEN!! They turned out so cute!

Here is sweet Ciara... the cutes albino baby ever! She has the biggest blue eyes..
She has the biggest blue eyes.. I was wishing I had Kellys skills to play with her eyes more in this b&w but I love this photo... Ciara talks out of the side of her mouth, it is to cute!!
I LOVE this photo of her!
Hers Kaden and Dallin.. they played plenty of games all Spring Break, Im ready for some good weather and so are they!

We get to have Dallin stay with us for awhile, so there will be more photos of him. We are excited to have him, especially Kaden! Becki I buzzed his hair today and told him I was gonna give him a Mohawk and he didnt think you would appreciate that!


Haley L said...

Holy crap! (no pun intended) You should write a potty-training manual or something. Seems Maddie was that easy, too. So exciting that your court date is around the corner!!

Becki said...

Oh WOW! Why didn't you get Ciara to sit on the potty chair while we there? I'm soooo ready for her to do it. Dal's hair looks good, I'm glad you didn't do the mohawk! SMART BOY!!!

Tirsa said...

Dude...Malia is such an overachiever. She's making Ez look bad!