Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sundays update

No news is good news? NOT! Well nothing really new to report, we havent heard anything this week. We thought we might at least hear from Holt that they got our HS and "officially" approved it but we havent. Im hoping that our HS has been mailed of to Holt-Korea and hopefully we will find out this week!
Im missing my baby so very much this week. And all at the same time feel peace that we are moving at the right pace. Its such a double edge right now. On one hand I have complete faith that Malia will get home when she is supposed to... on the other hand I WANT MY BABY HOME!! I yearn for her to sleep on my chest and picture myself kissing her sweet little head while she sleeps OO how badly I want that right now.
I will say that through this adoption my faith has grown so much and my love for the Lord has grown and grown and my testimony of his plan has strengthened. I still am amazed at how things fell into place with Malia. I wish I could put into words my feelings and the comfort I have felt throughout this journey. I mean hello! Its officially been a year since we started researching agencies and started our paper chase for baby girl.
I am constantly amazed at how the Lord works and how well he knows us and what we need, and Im trying to keep in mind that though I may want her home NOW maybe she needs this extra time in her homeland and one day will appreciate the extra time she spent there... that may give her comfort someday. So for now we will continue to pray and do all that we can and keep in mind that it will happen when its supposed to happen.

*I just reopened so anyone can get on the blog again, I am hoping the person that we were not wanting on here will hopefully stay off or at least not rub it in my face that they have been on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Driving etiquette according to Kris

First off let me start by saying I have NEVER been pulled over nor have I ever been in an accident so I think my... lets say suggestions and thoughts are warranted!

Ok lets start with the lanes, there is the left lane which is the FAST lane then there is the right lane which is the SLOW lane... do people not know this?? Is this not standard knowledge for people?? When the speed limit is 75 and you are going even 74 you better be moving your butt over to the right lane people! Stay out of my FAST lane!! Further more even if you are going said mph but people are up your butt and you know they want to pass and there is know body in the slow lane HELLO pull the crap over! I have what I call the 5 over rule... I learned this from my drivers ed teacher SO if I ever get pulled over for going 5 over Im giving him my ticket! So I say if you are in the fast lane and not going 5 over move on over and let us fast people move on by!! OK!!!
Now I hate to drive far.. I understand the discomfort that happens when you drive for lets say 8 hours! BUT I dont think its ever a good idea to have your own leg hanging out your window while driving 75 mph down the highway NOT GOOD! NOT SAFE!
I do however think its quite fine to bust a move on your long drive! Lets say you are driving out in the middle of NOWHERE and you are trying to stay awake and you decide to sing out loud and bust a move in your seat cuz hey JT is on and hello who can hold still when hes on the radio right!! Lets let it be known that you should not stare and act like this is strange when you see someone else doing this HELLO you are in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE and this is allowed!
Also if I see you driving down the road with kids playing in your car with no seat belts and I give you the seat belt sign... just know I am disgusted with you and will perhaps give the police a phone call for your stupidity! Should I be more worried about your kids than you are ummm NO!
I hope you all enjoyed this weeks rant/lesson on driving and I hope that you will take into account my perfect driving up to this point and if you dont agree but see me behind you MOVE OVER!! HEHEHEHEHE
*BTW Rich hates when he drives with me in the car because I am constantly telling him how to drive and have been known to even accelerate the car for him! LOL YES I am a backseat driver*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday update

I decided the best way for me to keep everyone up to date with Malia is to have a day dedicated to her. Ive decided Sunday works! Though if I get fun info during the week I will certainly be sharing right away!
Well after returning home from Utah on Thursday, I called our HS agency to make sure they had mailed off our HS to Holt so that Holt could then officially aprove and then send it on to Holt-Korea. WELL they hadnt WHY you ask "theyve been busy" so our HS had been done for over 2 weeks just sitting there GRRRRR! Well it did FINALLY get mailed off on Friday so hopefully this week will be the start of progress.
After speaking to our HS (home study) agency on Thursday I was so frustrated. Its so hard doing all that you can do and rushing to do it just to have it sit around for no reason. Im trying so hard to be patient and I continue to hear all good timing in my head... so Im trying to remain faithful and just be patient, but it is so very hard having her photo and knowing that not everyone is fighting to get her home as hard as we are.
I do know with all my heart that she will be home exactly when she is meant to be and that knowledge is getting me through this even though I have lapses and breakdowns here and there.
We continue to hope to get updates on Malia and pictures would be great. We have been told that we may or may not get pics of her so we just keep hoping that I will open an email one day that says update!
So for now thats all I got and its not much but there is always this week and at this point we just are hoping to hear this week that maybe Korea will have our paperwork and things can get moving on that end.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun with the fam

I had to play with this shot LOVE IT!

We had a blast in Utah at my sisters house this last week! We were there for 6 days and hopefully didnt drive my sis completely insane! We had fun at the craft fair... we didnt do as well as we had hoped with sales but everyone there didnt do well so at least we werent the only ones but we walked away feeling like we gained some knowledge!

The kids had so much fun, I dont think I hardly saw them especially the boys! Becki and I had lots of fun going shopping and leaving the kids with Ky... Thanks Ky I think you fed the kids more than I did while I was there! (BTW I paid her well)

I did my stop at Shelby's at got my hair done... much needed thank you very much!

Beckis cat had had kittens about 6 or so weeks ago and I really thought Kaden was going to sneak one home with us... thankfully he didnt!! But he had so much fun with them. Maddies was reunited with Otto who she loves so very much but is so dang allergic to him I had to keep her hopped up on Claritin so woohoo no dog for us!

We had fun making all us girls shirts and dresses and Maddies little white one she decided is her wedding dress... Silas no looking!

Anyways we had so much fun, I love visiting my sis she is such a fun treasured part of my life and I always miss her so much when we leave. THANKS Becki for letting us hang!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddies Day

To Dad/Rich
You are a wonderful kind loving man. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and equally blessed that I was able to find a man who would be such a wonderful dad.
I appreciate having a man in the home who is a really true good honest kind spiritual man. I love that you would never hurt our kids, I love that you work so hard to give them all you have, and to make it so they wont want for anything.
Thank you so very much for letting us go away this weekend on your special day! Im glad we were able to celebrate early! I think I will owe you a cream pie though!
Just know how much you are loved by all THREE of you kiddos and me! Your the best and we love and miss you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

craft fair time

Well Im heading out of town tomorrow to visit my sis and while we are there we will be at a craft fair on Friday and Saturday trying to sale off some of our crafty goodness! So if any of you are in Springville stop by!
Show Dates:
Friday, June 13th
Saturday, June 14th
9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Downtown Springville
200 South and just East of Main

Directions from I-15:
Take Springville exit 260
Turn east at light off exit (towards the mountains)
Go 2 miles to Main Street
At Main street, turn left.
Go to 200 South
Turn right on 200 South

If you make it there they will be giving away 2 tickets to the Stadium of Fire featuring Miley Cyrus! We have some super cute things if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maddies recital

Recital time

Maddie had her recital on Saturday and it was so cute! The phots did not turn out very well, I couldnt figure out what the problem was but they just kept being dark.

Maddie did awesome! She loves the spotlight. As soon as the walked out you could tell she was in heaven and completely started showing off shaking her booty! First they danced how much is that doggy in the window (ruff ruff) that was their ballet and it was adorable. Then they danced to SHOUT (which they did) with tap and I think that was Maddies favorite! Im so proud of her I love watching her do something that she loves so much! I love her energy and her spirit. She is a bright spot in our lives and I feel very blessed having her as my daughter!

We took video but I cant find it in the computer to download so I will do that as soon as I can get Rich to help me out! ** Also I should note that Kaden took a lot of the photos for us so we could video and run around to help get ready and he did a great job!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mural is done!

The mural is done! Tara did a great job! I love having something unique that knowbody else has. I think Malia will love it too. I know Tara was nervous about drawing the girl but I think she did great. I love the blossoms and the the tree its exactly what I had pictured!

Here is the little asian girl... hard to see all the details in the photo
Here Tara is working on it
I love baby feet so I made her paint some toes! I love them they look so real!
precious little hands
I was really impressed with the shadowing she did on the dress to make it come alive
Heres how it looks!
So thank you so much Tara! If anyone needs anything painted give her a call also you can go visit her blog here to see some of her other work, she also makes some amazing cakes! She will soon be moving to Idaho though dang it. I love seeing a vision come to life!

Friday, June 6, 2008

1 year but going on 8 months

Today Malia is 8 months! I cant believe Im going to be getting an almost 1 year old. It kind of scares me. I really wanted a little one that was pretty unmobile so that I could carry her around and do the bonding that will be much needed, but when she gets here Im sure she will be wanting down quite a bit. According to she should be getting ready to crawl, I know a few weeks ago she was creeping so who knows if by now she is a full blown crawler, is it horrible to hope not?? Also she might be waving.. awww I love seeing those chubby little hands when they first get the wave down, its more of a flap but I love the excitement on their faces when they wave!
So happy 8 months baby girl! Its hard to believe that its really been a year since we went to the first adoption meeting and really decided that yes we wanted to adopt! That means a year of constant research and checking on the internet... yes I have been glued to my computer hoping to hear or learn anything regarding adoption. I still am amazed at how we found Malia, and how it all just came together. Im so greatful to God and his patience with us constantly wanting things quicker and faster. I knew that it would all come together at the right time and the right place but at times my Faith struggled. But now I am amazed and feel so blessed to have gone through the struggles that we have, my testimony has truely grown!
Today to celebrate her 8 whole months of life we did a little more shopping... I know I know shocking! I was a little sad to find that I was completely out of white and pink hangers and had to use one of Kadens old blue ones. LOL its rediculous how full her closet is!
Malia my dear sweet baby, we cant wait to have you home, to squeeze and kiss and love on you. We pray that you are healthy and feeling the love and prayers we are sending your way.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I know what you did I know what you diiiid!

Maddies new favorite thing to do is to shower, wash her own hair then comb her own hair! She will always put a clip in her hair or a head band even though she is going to sleep! Tonight she was having a blast drying her hair singing her new made up song, also one of her favorite things! Now this song is stuck in all of our heads...... The best of star world I know what you did I saw what you did I know what you did! (pretty catchy) You can see she gets a little excited and sure does enjoy the mirror!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some New Digs

Well new Armour anyways. I finally found the perfect dresser/Armour for Malias room. I have been searching and searching and realizing that I wouldnt need a changing table I expanded my looking to some armours. And found this beauty. I love the knobs and I love that it has a mirror. Maddie also LOVES that it has a mirror! Maddie helped me load all of Malias blankets, shoes, burp rags, towels, wash clothes, bibs, socks, jammies and any other things we could put away the other night. She was a great help and it truely warmed my heart seeing her excitement for Malia. I was impressed how she truely was not jealous at all with all of the babies new things. I keep finding myself in her room just looking around. I love her room and love knowing that I will soon have her here in my arms and will finally be getting to use all this fun stuff we have been getting!

I love love the knobs
Still got some room for some things!
When Rich saw all the shoes he said I wasnt allowed to buy anymore...YA RIGHT!
So rags burp clothes towels and such