Tuesday, September 30, 2008


YAAAAAA!!!! Malias VI is scheduled for Oct 1 at 1:00 which is about 10:oo tonight for us! SOOO I guess this means she didnt require the waiver!!! YES!!! So after this step we are just waiting on her TC (Travel Call) where Holt will call us with the information of her flight when, where type of thing! I just couldnt believe when I heard the nice man say her VI is scheduled for Oct 1 I had to make him repeat it! I am so dang excited. This could mean that we could get her TC this week... or next! BUT if there was a flight available and an escort little miss could be home in a couple days or a couple weeks it just depends!!
I have emailed the agency to let them know that if an escort isnt available that I would be happy to travel to go get her and Tami has offered to go with me if Rich cant because of work!! WOOHOO How awesome is she! (And Caleb for saying yes again!)
Im just really hoping that an escort is available and we can get little Miss home ASAP!!
I feel like i might be in a little bit of shock. You wait so so long and then BOOM she could be here any day. Im fretting and wondering if I have everything I need. I have food a bed and clothes and toys and I really think just about everything I could possibly think of and more really!! The only thing I have yet to order were gates and Brigit has said she would lone me hers!! TY! So we are set SET SET! Come home baby girl we are ready and waiting!!!!! Come on escort and come on flights!
Of course this is all with the hope that she does well with her interview hehehehehe!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Rich!!

Happy Birthday Hon! We love you so much! Rich is such a hard worker and great dad and great husband. Just last night I was thanking him for all he does for us and for me. I really appreciate the love and support your give me. And dang man you look GOOD! hehehe
Anyways heres a Happy Birthday photo from ALL your kiddos that love you so much!!

We hope you have the best day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Update

Well as most of you probably know we had a really great week! We got photos and a new medical update and of course the OOO so anticipated EP approval!!! I am still just so excited to have that behind us and now we are just waiting to hear that she has her Visa!! There are a couple steps that have to happen first though.. of course isnt there always one more step.
So first if you remember P3 had been sent to Holt Korea and has been sitting there waiting for EP approval before it can be sent back to the embassy for her VI to happen. Before that can happen Holt has to get her passport so that is what I am waiting to find out... Im hoping to call DC this week and here that P3 has been returned and then I will be waiting to here that her visa interview (VI) is scheduled and then after that we will just be waiting for her travel call unless.....
In some cases during the VI the interviewer can decide that her medical needs need to be signed off by the parents... us just acknowledging that we now of everything. Well we are hoping that even though she was a WC that because she is perfectly healthy that we wont have to worry about this waiver because it could slow us down another week. So Im praying that no waiver is necessary.
So that is a lot to happen but should all be able to be completed within the next few weeks. Really we could get our TC this week or next week, which would be amazing and such a blessing.
Now that we have EP Ive been able to relax a little bit and focus on Maddie and Kaden and trying to give them some special attention. Ive had a lot of talks with them about what it is going to be like when Malia gets here and that she will probably cry a lot and be scared and that Rich and I will be focusing so much time on her and having to carry her around a lot and that I will probably be super tired and maybe even a little cranky. I really think that talking about this so much with them really has them as prepared as they could be. Maddie will tell people that when our baby gets here she is going to be scared and cry a lot and its ok because she doesnt know us.... I think thats really sweet.
Im hoping and praying that she doesnt struggle to much and that she will feel comfortable and trust us quite quickly. Im hoping all these prayers and blessings will help her.
Really Im just getting super excited and a little nervous too. Im already feeling sad for her and the loss she is once again going to be experiencing. Not only has she already lost 2 moms she is about to loose again her caregivers that love her so much. Im really hoping all these losses doesnt completely keep her from attaching to us quickly and by quickly I know that can still be months, Im just hoping not years!
We all love her so so much and just really want her home so so badly! So keep praying with us that we will get our Travel call!!
*BTW her medicals were great and sad all at the same time. She now has 4 teeth on top and bottom, she is taking 2 steps at a time and gained 7 oz and grew just a weee bit taller. She is hitting all of her milestones and Im just so happy she is getting the excellent care she has been. What a blessing. Yedda (sweet lady that got us photos this last week) was able to tell me how sweet she is and that she loves to dance, she also told me that the babies eat what they call baby cheese and that she is eating rice cereal with either veggies mixed in or meat. I was so happy to hear that because her medicals had only been saying formula. Im hoping for a good little eater!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray its another winning Saturday!!

Well he did it again!!! And so did the team! We got another win and thats two in a row which I guess is something our team has never managed to do!! Kaden gets the ball when we are close to the goal because he is really good at getting it in there and he did it again! He also had a couple other really good runs, where one of them he rose his arms up and waved after his great run like ooo ya!! It was funny. You can see in the video he does that or taps his chest or his shoulders when he is pleased with himself or the team. Its pretty cute, though we may have to have a talk about being boastful.

Im just so proud of him, he really is becoming an awesome player and never complains. There are so many boys that sit on the sidelines and cry and complain that they are tired and he is never one of them. There were some boys playing catch today while they werent in which to me was really horrible teamanship. Im so proud of him for always hanging by the coaches when defense is in always willing to get put in. He just loves the game so much and I love that he has something he is so passionate about.... that I can hold over his head if he is being naughty hehehehe!!

Good job Team!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

OO Happy day!

I just dont know that Ive seen any other baby so precious! Shes just so stinking cute I just cant stop picturing how she will feel and look asleep on my chest. It is the absolute #1 thing I cant wait for O wait maybe its kissing her sweet little rolls or her pouty lips. Well ok so there are a million #1 things I want to do.
I got these photos this morning and I cant even explain how these photos weve been able to receive lift me up and help me through this wait. I will Cherish these women always for the gift they have given me. Watching Malia grow up in photos isnt ideal but without them I still wouldnt have a clue what my sweet baby looks like. And goodness her face is burned into my brain and I dream of her perfect face almost every night. We are awaiting more photos and even video of little miss so stay tuned!! I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I cant even express

the joy that is exuding from me right now. I got an email letting us know that Jang San-hui had been approved for EP. YES! I couldnt believe it. I have really been down and feeling like such a debbie downer the last week or so and just needed this to come. We are finally going to have our baby girl home!
I know the next question is when... well I still dont know that. Now that we have EP she now will get her passport and visa, in that order and then she will be ready to come home. This all will probly still take a couple weeks so but I think its safe to say that she WILL be home in October!
I just cant even believe how AWESOME it feels to know how close she is to getting home. I am just overjoyed and jumping up and down!
Thanks so much for the support and excitement you all have shared with us!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Whats a little hair?

Well I have for quite awhile cut Rich's hair. Its pretty simple I just use a #2 and buzz away. Well last night he set everything up before his hair cut so he could trim his facial fuzz first. So when he was done I walked over grabbed the trimmer and buzzed right down the middle of his head and I looked at it..... realizing it looked hmmm kinda short OOO CRAP I forgot to put on the #2 O CRAP!! I just buzzed ALL his dang hair. I dropped the trimmer and started laughing/crying. I have to say it looks pretty good on him I mean I did fall in love with him hairless while he was in the Army so really no biggie but it still is a little shocking to see him. The kids where asleep when this happened last night so when Maddie saw him this morning she screamed then said O DAD you SCARED ME! What happened to your hair? You need to put it back on!
So for the next couple weeks please dont tease my poor hubby he is being a great sport and didnt even try to make me feel bad for my oopsie!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No news just pictures

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football baby yaaa Kaden!!

Kadens team finally won a game today!! They did awesome. Really all the boys were so fired up and for the first time really seemed into the game. The coaching seemed better today and the boys all noticed and really got fired up and took charge of the game. We won 4 touchdowns to 2 I think? And guess what Kaden got one of those and ran in an extra point after another touchdown!!! He was so excited. Rich was really bummed he missed the game, he knew after yesterdays practice that they were going to use Kaden a lot today and he was right, he ran the ball quite a bit and was used on defence too and made an amazing tackle that I wish I would have gotten on the camera dang it! Anyways Im so dang proud of him. He is so bruised up from the games and practice it makes me want to pull him out, but he just loves it so much I cant do it to him.

Anyways heres his touchdown and then the next is the extra point. He is #8 BTW!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

4 weeks

Shes the one with the lady with her back to us with the long straight hair
Cracks me up how she always has her tongue out and boy I love that pouty lip!

4 weeks of waiting for some progress to happen. Im really hoping and holding out that I will get some good news today and that EP will have finally been submitted. Dont know if I will get my wish but if I dont I think I will be crushed. Im trying to focus on other things, reading, cleaning, etc but boy is it hard. Adoption really takes over your life. It is like nothing I have ever done before. I am constantly jumping at every ring and every email thinking OO this will be good news only to be let down.

So today Im going to try to focus on even if it doesnt come today I know it eventually will. Im hoping that at the end of the day I will still feel the peace in that and not be a mess on the floor screaming WHY lol!

The photos are of Malia when she was 7 months old. A very sweet lady had seen my post on Monday with her new photos that we had gotten and recognized her from when she was there in May. She messaged me saying she was pretty sure she had spent time with her and could never forget her precious little face and wanted to send me the photos! I was so excited and couldnt believe that she was able to remember her.... though who would forget that face right!! So she sent them and I knew right away that indeed that was our precious girl! Isnt she just the sweetest. And what I thought was really neat was that it was in May that we had been fighting so hard to get her referral. We had seen her in April but it took almost all of May to finally be matched with her. So I love that I get to see what she looked like while we were falling so deeply in love with her.
Very neat all these very special women who have really gone out of there way to help me out. I definitely feel like we are being watched over and cared for by our Heavenly Father. These photos always lift me up and give me the strength to carry on the forever wait for my little Korean Princess!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Photos!!!!

Check out these new photos of my little princess!

In this photo you can see the photo album we sent her of our family!!! YEAH

I just cant get over how dang cute she is! To get more photos is sooo awesome! Elke is in Korea getting her sweet baby and checked in on my sweet Malia for me! Being at the recreation center is looked at as not so great but weve been able to get new photos 3 times now only because she is there! If she was in foster care I most likely still wouldnt have a clue what my little precious looks like. Im thinking she just woke up and she just looks precious! And she sure loves her tongue!!! OOO I just cant get enough of these photos. If I could get new photos every week or so boy would this wait be soooo much easier!
OOO my little Malia hurry home! Come on EP already! PLEASE

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Update

I thought it was really sweet that she was allowing that kind of intimate touch with a stranger! Looks good for us... we have been told she is VERY shy with strangers but she did so well with Robyn and her husband!! Goodness she is sweet!
Isnt that just the sweetest face ever! LOVE that tongue!
Well if you havent already seen below a couple post we got awesome new photos of Malia on Friday!! She is just sooo dang cute! Ive been told a few times that we have the same hair do!! Well duh I am all about being like Katie Holmes and Suri heheheh!
What a blessing it was to get those photos on Friday especially. Friday marked 3 weeks since we found out that we didnt have EP yet and I have been using Fridays as my maybe it will happen today... though everyday I jump every time my phone jingles letting me know I have an email and every time the phone rings I secretly hope that it will be Holt calling to tell me personally that we have finally have been submitted!
So we will continue to wait. A really awesome lady I have gotten pretty close to got to meet her baby at the airport this last Thursday and hearing her recount how everything has gone has been so neat and helps me realize that soon it will be me too. I dont see how she wont be home in at least October... though you never know. But I will continue to pray and trust in the Lord!
Also last reminder if you wanted a shirt let me know... I will be giving Tirsa my order tomorrow.
The shirts are going to be really fun because we are all pretty much going to match and we will sure stand out in a crowd and everyone will know that something special is about to happen!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I got an award!!!

I was nominated by LaLa for this sweet award. I found her blog as soon as we had decided to adopt and instantly fell in love with the way she wrote about her sweet daughter. She had been working on another adoption through Vietnam and just in the nick of time received a referral for the sweetest little boy!!! LaLa has been a great motivator for me and has had wonderful words of wisdom when I have been feeling frustrated! Thanks LaLa!!!

Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude.
2. Must love one another.
3. Must make mistakes.
4. Must learn from others.
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
6. Must love life.
7. Must love kids.
These are the rules for The Smile Award.
1. The recipient must link back the the award's creator
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.
The creator of the award is Mere
Now I need to nominate 5 people. I have given this a lot of thought and I love so many blogs and follow so many so I kept with a theme!
1. Tirsa- Tirsa has been a huge support and help throughout this process. She loves her kids so much. She has adopted both of her gorgeous kiddos and Im sure would love more. After a lot of prayer one day she stood up and announced a adoption get together type thing and we knew then that we had received our answer... so thanks Tirsa for being so inspired!!
2. Krisbee- Kris has also been a great sounding board for me and so encouraging. We both have a favorite song during the adoption process that I think we both turn to when we need a good reminder of who is in charge! Kris is currently waiting to adopt after adopting 2 little boys, her and hubby have realized it was time to go again and they are just waiting for a Birth mom to find them.... so if you know anyone!!
3. Tamara- I found Tamara through the Holt board. We got our referrals the SAME day and have been waiting so long for our sweet girls! We have helped each other I think with questions and frustrations and Im hoping we both get EP soon so we can have our babies home!!!
4. Melissa- I found her blog shortly after we got our referral and I started searching for Korean adoption blogs. I instantly fell in love with her photos and her digi scrap work. She has 2 adopted sweeties and her posts always crack me up with how real she is and how fun she is!!
5. Norah- Goodness this lady is a sweet heart. She just brought her 2nd daughter (3rd child) home from China. I love going to her blog because her kids are just gorgeous and she also always writes so real. She absolutely loves her kids and has lifted me up so many times through emails. And goodness the dresses she puts on little miss Linhsey are just adorable!
So I chose all adopt mommas that I have really relied on for inspiration and growth and knowledge. Kinda funny that 3 of the 5 I have never met or even talked to except through comments on blogs or through email... though me and Tamara have a date to chat on Monday! lol They all are amazing with all they do in the adoption community and with their families and blogger world! Thank you all for constantly keeping me up and inspiring me... and of course making me SMILE!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Shes freaking GORGEOUS!!!!

Skip down to the photos first because HOLY CRAP she is just the most beautiful baby! I swear she is just getting more and more gorgeous! And the more I look at her the more I just fall deeper and deeper in love with her.

Just look at those eyes

I love her thoughtful face
Look at her tongue hanging out!!! LOVE IT
And again she just looks so happy which touches my heart and gives me such peace
again her eyes and her lips!!! And that hair is just screaming for me to play with it!!!
We just got these tonight and they couldnt have come at a better time! I had a very hard day. I saw that families that would have sent their paperwork seemingly after us to Korea have already gotten their EP approval where as we havent even been submitted. So while I am happy for them and their good news, it is very hard not to feel frustrated and even angry as to why we werent part of that. But then I got an email from sweet Robyn who went to get her sweet little boy from Korea this week and was able to visit with our gorgeous girl and snap these amazing photos!! She said that she spent 45 minutes with her and what a sweet baby she is. Her husband had her just laughing as you can see in the fun photos! She said she would stare into her eyes and touch her face which I thought was awesome! She said they still have 4 nannies to 3 babies which is incredible! She just looks amazing and so sweet and Im in love with every photo. Ive been playing with them and cropping as to keep the care takers privacy! There were actually 9 photos but I will need to play with them more before I can post. I just cant thank you enough Robyn. You boosted my whole week where as I was at quite a low tonight.
Really people look at those photos she is just so gorgeous and sweet and her hair and her eyes and her buttery soft skin! I just cant wait to have her home!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A HUGE day for our little miss Maddie!

But a very hard one for mom. Maddie lost her first tooth today! She is soo excited about it to! It happened at football, and dang it I missed it. I guess she was really wanting it out and was playing with it a lot and went to go show one of the moms and moved it with her tongue and it jsut popped right out... guess it was hanging by a string (ewww) and she kinda freaked out and started crying and then Rich pulled it out. It was bleeding and she was crying and was just freaked out but then Rich called me and gave her the phone and she said 1/2 crying.... mom I pulled out my tooth... WHAT! I was a little heart broken that I had missed it but so proud of her for being so dang brave!!! And I gotta say she is just so dang cute with that sweet little hole in her mouth.
Here she is right after.. you can tell she had been crying

She really doesnt want the tooth fairy to take her tooth. She wants to keep it and take it to school so she can show her teacher and get the tooth necklace that she has for the kids, so we wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if she can please keep her tooth..... we'll see if she agrees!
So then we got a call tonight from Haley asking if we had seen the paper... nope. Well she brought hers right over to us because we didnt have one and guess who made the cover????
YEP Miss Maddie made the front page from Saturday while she was cheering on Kaden during the game! Before his game even started this guy came buy and started asking if she was a cheer leader and if he could take her photo for the "paper" and I was a little skeptical... thought he might be a creepo but agreed! He asked her all sorts of questions and said that it would be in the Brighton paper, but when he realized we were from here he said that he also submits work for our paper and so we should watch for it. Guess he was for real because there she is! Its a great photo and she just looks so dang adorable!!! The paper reads.... Madison, 5, "who just started school" cheers on her favorite Warrior player and big brother, no. 8 Kaden. Madison, who wants to be a cheerleader when she gets older, was cheering for the Warriors as they played Brighton at the Brighton youth football fields on Bridge Street in Brighton this past Saturday.
SOO it was a HUGE day for Maddie and Kaden was excited that his name made it in there too! I broke down a little and shed some tears. Im just really having a hard time with all of this growing up the kids are doing, and missing her first tooth coming out and her seeming all grown up and making the paper just put me over the edge! It really is hard watching the kids grow up so fast. If anything it is really making me realize how much I really need to enjoy them because before I know it they will have families of their own.
For real Malia PLEASE come home mommy needs a baby since your siblings are hell bent and growing up!
***BTW Sunday will be the last day I will be taking orders on the Team Malia shirts. So if you wanted one please let me know sizes!! Thanks for the support!

Monday, September 8, 2008

They just arent babies anymore

They just arent and it makes me so sad! Lately they both have done such grown up things that I can just feel the oldness of them hovering over me and taunting me. Kaden has been doing great at football and really loves it, he is also doing very well in school aceing his spelling tests and math quizes. He loves football so much in fact that he wrote a small story about it. It totally cracked me up and he will hate me for sharing this but I thought it was to funny to not remember! His assignment was to write about something he is good at and here is what he wrote.
Titled: Tackle Football
I love playing tackle football, heres why. First, I like tackling people. Next, I like running the ball. Last, I like being on defence.
Now I will tell what I am good at. First, I am good at running the ball. Second, I am good at defence. Last, I am good at running the ball.
Thats how good I am at football.
SOOO after I read it (and it had good notes from his teacher on it) I cracked up and started teasing him lol I went over to him and said FIRST Im good at running the ball SECOND Im good at running the ball, THIRD Im good at running the ball. LOL He laughed too and realized what he had done! I told him it sounded a little cocky but I thought it was cute and that I was glad he loves football so much!

Heres my stud of a son. He sure is looking all grown up. BOOHOO!

Now theres miss Maddie too. She has been learning so much lately and Ive been just so proud of her but at the same time so heart broken that she is all of a sudden growing up way to fast. There are quite a few things that she has just taken off with... she now knows how to tie her own shoes. She also last week discovered that she has a loose tooth to which I think SUCKS! I called Rich and was telling him and not being very happy about it to which Kaden replies "ya next thing you know she'll call to let you know she has bought her first car hahahaha" isnt he funny! NOT Then also she has just started taking off with her reading. She has been very uninterested with her ABC's but now knows them all including all of their sounds and the last couple weeks has been able to start sounding out words and has even read a couple books with my help. So while I am very excited by this all, I am just not ready for her to be a big girl yet!
Here she is doing her homework!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shes 11 months already

She is its true, my baby girl turned 11 months yesterday. I cant believe it. I get weekly updates from baby center and the one that said your baby is 11 months kinda sucked! I always loved watching my kids grow and do new things but once they are 1 it just doesnt feel like they are babies anymore. And this means her first birthday is right around the corner.
We didnt get any news this week regarding EP or anything new on Malia. I love watching the videos I have of her but I sometimes will watch them over and over right before I go to sleep which then means I actually cant fall asleep. I did this the other night and just sat there imagining her in my arms or what it will be like those first few days... will she have a hard time sleeping and maybe co-sleep with us for a little while?? (Secretly Im hoping so) Im wondering what foods she will like or if she has even had anything other than formula yet. Im looking forward to seeing her first steps (or at least her first steps here.) I keep picturing Maddie and Kaden on the floor with her showering her with attention and toys. And seeing Rich's eyes light up when he gets her to smile for the first time. (Because dang it all kids love him!)
I am in a place right now where I just truly know she will be here soon and everything is going to work out perfectly, as odd as it sounds the weeks have actually been flying by but at a slow pace if that makes any sense at all. We all love her so much and after having the shower on Thursday and seeing truly how loved she is by all my friends and fam I am overwhelmed and humbled by it all. There are times where she feels so real and then there are days where it still seems like we are working for something that isnt there yet. I cant wait to bring her home, I know she will be a sweet spirit and be so loved and I cant wait to get to a point where I can share her with the world!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok I had the best baby shower EVER last night! Tami threw the best funnest baby shower ever. The decor was AWESOME, we had lanterns everywhere and bamboo and awesome trees with cherry blossoms that Tami made herself, there was a huge painted Asian scenery wrapped around the front of the house with a HUGE blown up Asian dude, the food was amazing and so much of it! We had Korean crackers and lots of different Asian type of foods and snacks. We played some really fun games and we talked lots and lots. Tamis nephew made these amazing origami babies that we pinned on and used as a game.. they were so stinking cute! And we had a great cake that had cherry blossoms... because its my theme in her room.

I honestly was surprised with how many people showed up. It was very embarrassing sitting there opening so many gifts but I felt so blessed and loved to have so many people there supporting me and loving Malia and wanting her home. When I got home and Rich helped me bring everything in he was like holy crap you made a haul... uhhh yes we did!! So now Malias floor is covered with lots of fun things that need to be hung up and put away. I have to mention the shirts that Tirsa made for us to wear to the airport.... they say Mom of Dad of Brother of and Sister of.. Malia arriving from Korea!

A HUGE thanks to everyone that came and supported and that helped out and even bigger thank you to Tami for putting it all together, she has been planning and preparing for a couple months and did an amazing job with everything!! It was an amazing night and I was humbled by everyone who was there and loving on my Malia! Now seriously the girl needs to get home because I dont think there is anything missing except her.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Badger car salesman

Read below to get why I have this on here!

Has this ever happened to you?

I went to Banana Republic today to do a little shopping and left feeling completely badgered! Dont get me wrong the ladies were so nice to me and told me all the right things but I left feeling like I maybe didnt have the right outfit and wasnt sure if it even looked good or if they were just telling me I did. Heres how it went down....

I walk in having an idea of what I want. And I get approached by a lady asking if I needed help or was looking for something special... well yes I am actually but Im just looking around... to which she said OO let me get our manager! O boy! So I keep looking and find some cute jeans and then a lady walks up to me and asks what Im looking for her and I give her a couple of my ideas.. color wise any ways. She starts following me around and grabbing and showing me things some dresses to which I let her know that is a little to dressy so we keep going. I end up with a couple dresses she has grabbed and some blouses and some slacks and jeans... OO and jewelry YUCK!! So I try on the clothes all the while she is bringing me MORE stuff and Im hiding in the dressing room while she stands out there and keeps asking hows it going how does it look bla bla bla. So Im feeling stressed and Maddie it saying O mom you should go show her and Im giving her the death look trying to get her to shut up! But then the lady says ya let me see Kris let me see O come on, so I walk out and OOO she has to get the other sales lady to come look because it looks so great (whatever) and look at that O wow and I say well Im not really much of a model and she gives me quite the one liner.. well the clothes dont make the body they only accentuate the beautiful body you already have.... O GAG!!!! Does that line really work on people because I am short and stout!!! Well I will tell you what worked the GUILT all the guilt of how nice they were and how hard they "worked" or worked me I should say, and I ended up buying stuff that I wasnt so sure about, then walked out about to cry feeling like a fool!!

Im so mad at myself for letting it happen I usually am so confident when shopping and walk right past all the "wanna try this" people and Im very good and saying O just looking. For now on I will be very weary of those dang nice sales ladies!! I cant believe the tagged teamed me and used so many one liners and OOO you look great!! BARF and I fell for it!