Sunday, January 31, 2010


How sweet is that right! I am so thankful for what a sweet daddy Rich is to his girls. They are such daddy's girls, they just adore him! Malia snuggled right up into Rich's lap this morning and I felt like I was intruding on their moment... BUT you know I had to capture it right! LOL
Malia was a total daddy's girl today.. she was a bit naughty today maybe that's why??

Maddie looked so old today.. I didn't like it!

This little monkey was jumping on the bed!
Daddy did some dancing...

Malia had to out do Maddie with a slow dance.
And then they started fighting over him.. really all you could hear was MINE NO MINE...
And this little stud is still working the hat!

Kaden had 2 games today.. again both were nail biters and they lost the first by a few points and the last game they were tied with 11 seconds when the ref called a horrible foul on Kaden.. the kid made the 2nd shot... we lost. Everyone was yelling, it was a horrible call and of course Kaden felt horrible. Sooo wasn't his fault, he had a great game!! Actually during the 2nd game I needed to go potty.. the restroom was right outside the gym, when I was washing my hands I heard a ton of screaming and I thought to myself, if they are screaming for Kaden Im gonna be SO mad at myself... I walked in and everyone started yelling you missed it he was awesome.. guess he had a great defense something or other and then almost got a great shot in.. DANG IT!!! O well I saw lots of other great stuff, he really is developing into a great bball player!!
Im off to watch the Grammy's!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am so thankful for my relationship with Kaden. I had such a great day with the kids today! I actually am a bit teary thinking about it! Usually a Saturday without Rich is just long and boring, I'm not a go getter mom that goes out and does lots of fun things as a single parent... nope I don't like doing that stuff without Rich! Today we started out our morning playing a game of pool.. Kaden whooped me... big time, it was awesome!
Then we got ready to go to the mall, Kaden needed a hair cut and I just wanted to do a little shopping with some fun $ that was burning a hole in my pocket lol! We ventured to Forever 21, umm hello LOVE that store! We all got stuff from there.. except Mimi, but it was awesome! Kaden got a great hat, hes been wanting one like it for quite awhile but we have never found one that wasn't to big. He was pretty excited about it!!
After our trip we came home and the kids spent most of the day outside! Oh how I am loving this weather!! O I cant even tell you how nice it is to have kids outside and happy! When Malia woke up from her nap we all headed out again and Kaden and I played b-ball for an hour! It was such a fun time, I love what a great fun funny kid he is and I absolutely love his pictures today, probably love them more than any photos Ive even taken of him, they are him totally, serious, cute, goofy and just dang handsome! Love you Kaden, thanks for being so great!

Love this one, I think this and the top are my fav!

LOVE that he is willing to be goofy!
K this was cute, Maddie set up her board today so she could "teach" Malia!! It was cute, but Malia was way ahead and kept saying the next letter before Maddie could spit it out! They are to cute together!
I cant even tell you how excited Maddie was to ride her bike again!
Cool sequence here.. the last one with the smile is so cute, he was pretty impressed with himself for making the shot from so far away!

And this little girl was in heaven outside! I forget how much she loves being outside, after being cooped up for so long, she threw and absolute fit about coming back it!

We found this fantastic vest at the store today.. we both love it! I need to get better pics of her in it, but she wasnt willing to stop for me to get good shots!

This was to funny!

We are having a great weekend, I hope you all are too!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am so thankful for the awesome weather we had today! It started out so foggy, I thought it was going to be yucky all day but after having a lazy afternoon we stepped outside and it had totally changed, the sun was out the sky was clear and it felt so good outside! It was nice enough to have the windows down while I took Maddie to dance!! Love good weather! So over the snow!
These pics are of Malia chillin on her daddy while he was on the phone trying to figure out why the heck we haven't gotten her SS yet.. turns out that a couple days after we applied another girl with a "similar" name and same birthday applied, so they flagged us! UMMM no phone call no letter! We got a letter a couple months ago saying we would have her card in 2 weeks... ya never came! So now that we called we have been unflagged.. ya with just a phone call and we should get another letter in 2 more weeks. ARRRR We are ready to submit our taxes so we really need her number! DUMMIES!!

My cute little Madness..
The snow is off our lawn.. so its was time to take down our xmas decor! FINALLY!!! Malia found some leaves and was pretty excited!

This girl cracks me up! She was just hanging out when I caught site of her.. silly girl with her tights and biker boots!! LOVE IT!!
THEN when we got home from dance she needed to hurry and eat so Rich could take the older 2 to a movie.. when I caught site of her "sitting" position! OMG I had to bite my cheeks so I could catch this photo! Love this girl!
Malia saw the kids putting on shoes and decided she needed to go! Pantless.. and with Maddies shoes LOL!

Kaden sure is a sweet boy to his sis! Love how caring he is with his sisters!

Have a good weekend ya'll!! Im gonna go enjoy a quiet movie all by myself!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am thankful for my talented friends!! My friend Kris B is going on a trip to Peru with a medical staff to help the people. She is trying to get the $ to go so she has started making these adorable flower clips! OMG I LOVE them, they are huge and gorgeous!! I waited to take pictures today knowing Kris was going to deliver them to me and I knew I wanted to shoot the girls and man did the girls deliver some cute photos!! It was awesome!
PLEASE go check out my friend Kris' blog and check out her cute clips! She can do any color and even puts colors together! SO FUN!!!
Awww the sweetest!

Goodness she melts me!

Gotta love the left over mac & cheese!

Oh my love, shes to cute!

Love this! Silly girl!

Kaden is a serious boy... well usually!! LOL

His silly side and his Oh so handsome eyes!

I had a fun fun session with sweet little Ella today! OMG she is a doll! Go check out some more over at Snap Happy!!