Friday, January 8, 2010


I am very thankful today for my kids activities and what it gives them. Tonight was super busy, Maddie had to dance for her studios open house and at the same time Kaden got to be part of the HS basketball game! They were both really excited!
Maddie had to get dressed in her team gear and full makeup.. which I did not get a pic of OOPS! And she did a really good job! After she was done a parent came up to me and told me my daughter was adorable and was the best.. I said O ty I think so too and she said no really she was the best I couldn't stop watching her!! I thought that was really sweet and really I do agree!! She is amazing and is such a showman and does such a good job, never getting nervous!
Kadens Basketball team got to be announced at the HS V team game! They got to be part of the tunnel and then during half time was again announced individually! All the boys were so excited and felt pretty cool. It was a neat thing to be a part of I'm sure, and all the older boys were really good with them talking to them about the game!!
Maddie and Malia played a little peek a boo

Love Mads eyes!
Bad pic but I love it!

This girl melts my heart shes so dang cute!
And Miss Thing has decided to be a climber and felt pretty awesome after climbing the table!
Then her and Maddie decided to hide in the kitchen cabinets! It was so cute!

We are FREEZING here in CO.. my poor pond is completely frozen.. we cant break through the ice.. our poor fish are either hiding in a deep dark hole (hopefully) or are frozen fish sticks SAD!!
Kaden tricked Rich into some Wii playing today.. and schooled his daddy big time!
Getting to be part of the tunnel as they announced the Varsity players

Cool moment!!


tamiz said...

I don't think I can let Elias know what Kaden got to do! What he doesn't know won't hurt him!