Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today has been a super busy day which is not the norm for us on a Sunday which brings me to what I'm thankful for.. my hubby having days off! He is a workaholic, not in a bad way (usually) but he is always working it seems. So when he has a day off I just instantly wake up feeling less stress, knowing that he will be there to ease the stress of my day bring so much relief I cant even express. I love having him home! Its always such a nice break.. O and its nice getting to hang out with him too!! hehe
This here is Miss Malia on the potty... hey I said we were busy, I had to get my shot when I had the chance!! She only uses the big potty now which is awesome! Her accidents have been very far and few between which is so nice since after I came home from NY she had about 2 weeks of lots of accidents which was really weird and obviously me being gone messed her up a bit.. so glad she is back on track!! And have you seen anything cuter on the pot before!!

Maddie has been having lots of fun practicing tap the last couple of days! She taught herself some new tricks, so there has been lots of tap going on here!!

Kaden had 2 basketball games today..on a Sunday.. early.. and far away! This isn't something we would normally sign up for, Sunday is a day for church and family and rest. We believe fully that all of those things are super important, so when we found out some of his new league games would be on Sundays we had a lot of thinking to do. I'm still not sure if we made the right decision but I'm hoping the pros end up out weighing the cons!
This was his first game since getting his cast off, I think we were all a little nervous about his finger but we taped it up as told by his doc and he actually did really really good!!! He played an awesome D game. Its always awesome hearing people around you shout Way to go Kaden.. Good job Kaden.. love that!! I'm so glad he got that first game out of the way, and even though they lost BOTH of their games, I'm happy for him to have played so well after his injury!!

Love some action shots!


tamiz said...

I'm in a love/hate relationship with Malia on the big girl pot! Too bad they lost their game. They would have won if Elias was there. HAHAHAHA