Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am so thankful for a nice warm home. As we get pounded with horrible weather, I am so thankful that I have a place to cuddle up to stay warm. I know that I am so lucky to have somewhere safe with love and kindness. I am so thankful that Rich works so hard to supply is with this wonderful home!! Cuz brrr its cold outside!!
I am also thankful for fast healing bones.. Kaden got his cast off today!! He was pretty nervous about the saw and I even noticed he turned a bit pale but it was so fast that the next thing we knew was it was off!! He was sent over for X-rays that looked really good and while we were waiting to talk to the Dr he just started to laugh.. he was so excited to have it off he just couldn't contain himself, his joy made me laugh!
So his fingers are still a bit bruised and swollen but the Dr. said that everything looked good and that the bruising and swelling will go down pretty quick now that he can move stuff around. His hand feels pretty weak but he was already doing some physical therapy to start building the strength back. He really is pretty dang happy about it being off!! And just in time for school tomorrow!
A little worried look in that face.

A little nasty looking!
We kept ourselves warm and cozy in home... we played with magnetics for awhile! Maddie made LONG earrings.. it was cute!
Cute girl!
Working with those fingers!!

After Malia woke up she noticed Kadens cast was off and kept saying "Daden better!!" So cute!
When I put her hoodie on I was like OO picture time, she decided it wasn't but after some playing she played along and even went and posed laying on the floor it was the CUTEST thing.. she just took off, layed down and waited. I wasn't sure what she was doing until she said see it.. which means take a pic so I can see it! Like the first pic I posted I love her serious look, its that haunting look in the eye that gives me chills, shes just a gorgeous girl!

So funny.. after a few pics she saw the flower, jumped up and came and reposed with it SO CUTE!
NOW for this pic.. imagine my surprise when I found about 15 of these very blurry pics of Malia.. I didn't take them and the kids are all in bed so I'm gonna have to figure this out tomorrow.. we don't play with Moms camera sooo uht oh!!


Melissa said...

Oh, boy! The kids got ahold of the camera! I would die if mine touched the D90. LOL