Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conversations with Maddie

As I was doing Maddies hair this morning she asked if she could sleep at Tamis house.. I laughed and said no and she asked why? I told her there are no girls there for her to sleep with and she said Why? I told her she can only sleep with girl friends and not with boy friends and she asked of course WHY? I told her you have to be married to sleep with boys (not a conversation Im ready to have with her) and she said I AM married! LOL Well I said no for real married and she said again I AM for real married!!
She cracks me up and really believes that her and Silas are married! Tami and I were talking today that we have to watch them carefully because they will probly end up being the most educated of our children in the parts department. Growing up with each other for this long they have done some pretty funny things together and we always realize when they are quiet that we better run and check on them.... they have NEVER done anything body wise that would be naughty but Im just waiting for that day!
Something else I wanted to write about was Maddies new sense of humor. Her new favorite thing is to play jokes on us which mostly entails Im just kidding! For example... When she yells that she is done in the shower I go and turn off the water and she will say O I forgot to wash my hair and I will go to turn back on the water and she will yell Im just kidding! OR she is always the last at the dinner table... she is not a good eater so when she brings me her bowl she will put it behind her back and say I was to full and then will wait for my reaction and yell Im just kidding. OR if she is supposed to be cleaning or doing a chore she will come to me and tell me she cant do it and I will about to be mad and then she will yell again Im just kidding!
Shes a fun girl to have around! She has a very good sense of humor and loves to use it with all of us!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a blessed week! (Sunday update)

Well I think most of my readers have seen our great news that we had this past week! First we got brand spankin new photos of Malia along with a video!! Myra and her husband went to Korea to pick of their precious daughter and had told me before they left that if they could that they would get us some photos so Wednesday morning when we woke up I checked my mail and saw that I had an email and she was ready to send us our photos! What a wonderful day that was we all cried and cheered and looked at those photos and video more than 100 times for sure. I wake up every morning now and watch the video a few times before I can move on with my day. I have her photos up all over the house also, one is in my bathroom and I can sit and put on my makeup and have her watching me!!

We also got our much awaited LEGALS!! Legals are a huge deal because it is the Korean paper work that needs to be matched with our paperwork with USCIS so we can now move forward and start getting the last approvals of everything we have left! I believe we have about 2 months of waiting left BUT time lines are NEVER what you think or want them to be.. we could still be 5 months out Im just praying that isnt the case and things move quickly!!

We then on Friday got a new medical update!! She is weighing in at 18.5 lbs and hasnt gotten much taller so she seems to pretty much be holding steady right now. The doc said she is cute and active! She has 6 teeth (SAD) and says omma (momma) and dadda! She is so on track with all of her mile stones which I find amazing! We really thought when adopting from Vietnam that we were going to bring home a baby that was going to be quite delayed... but with the amazing care she has gotten in Korea she is doing so great I mean come on you all saw those chubby arms! Shes just gorgeous and OOO the hair! I was almost asleep last night when I started thinking about her hair and how cute all the flower clips and bows were going to look and all of a sudden I couldnt fall asleep I just get so anxious and excited thinking about getting her home I just cant sleep!

So that was a HUGE week. We have had months and months with nothing and to have 1 week with so many awesome things happening it was like Christmas in the adoption world. We just cant wait to get her home and feel so blessed to be getting so close, we just keep hoping and praying to get her home before Oct 6th (her b-day) but if it doesnt happen we will have a big ol celebration when she does get home anyways! Love you baby girl!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Kaden had his big baseball tournament this weekend! It was so much fun and his team did awesome! We started out 11th out of 22 teams, and Friday beat our first team. Then today won our first two games sending us to the semi-finals. We were up against the best team there was in the league they have never lost a game so we knew it was going to be a hard one to beat.

Well the boys came out with all fire and we held them for awhile and was tied 2-2 but they got ahead of us in one inning and ended up beating us. They boys were really bummed but we were all so proud of them for a job well done! They played with great attitudes and huge hearts. We had excellent coaches which was a big boost this year!

Kaden played great but didnt have the best luck at bat... he ended up getting hit twice and walked all but once so he was really bummed but he took his hits and his walks like a man and shook it off each time, and he made some great plays in the outfield.... he caught a pop fly and was so excited he started running and pumping his fist, it was really cute! We are so proud of him for the sportsmanship that he plays with!! It was a very hot day in the 90's and playing all dang day was ruff but it was so much fun!! Maddie was the team cheerleader and of course enjoyed all the attention that came along with that. She makes a great cheerleader, she is very loud and excited even if its the other team doing something good!

*Now its over and I am ELATED!! A two week break and then football starts YIKES!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Legals baby!!

We got our legals today!! Now hoping that we have filled out everything correctly we should be done with the paper work!! WOOHOO! I was so excited to see the Fedex man today I nearly gave him a squeeze!! The legals where really neat to see they had stuff in english and then originals in Korean. Then we had to fill out the I600 which is a petition for a specific orphan. We hurried to fill them out took 3 different print outs though and then I just got back from Fedex. I feel very excited I cant even explain what this last step means to me.
After getting photos and video this week and mailing off this last set of stuff it has been just the best week ever!! I cant even tell you how many times that video has been watched... we just push play play play play time after time all in a row. I just love her little giggle and her smile just melts my heart and gives me the warmest feeling! To know that we are really getting so close feels amazing! So now we wait for some approvals we need her visa and EP and some other things have to happen I not positive what order things happen but hopefully it happens before her her b-day!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos of Malia!!!

Ok the most sweet loving family got us these photos of Malia!! They are in Korea right now getting their daughter and had told me if they were allowed that they would try to get us some photos of Malia. When I checked my email this morning I right away got teary seeing that I had a message from her saying they had photos AND video of baby girl!! I cant show the video for respect of the caretakers but I can share these sweet photos of my baby girl!! Isnt she so sweet! AND CHUNKY!!! LOVE IT!!

The I just woke up face!
She was a little frightened by Myras hubby but boy do I adore this photo!! Just melts my heart
The sweet caretakers were so excited you can see here where they are fixing her hair for photos
Myra said that when they got there Malia was sleeping but they were excited that they were there for photos of Malia for her Omma (momma) that they woke her up and hurried to straighten her dress and fluff up her hair! LOVE IT! She said that the toys we had sent were in her crib also!! I just cant thank you guys enough for doing this for me, it really has meant the world to us and we will be staring and watching these videos all day for days and days to come! She looks so different from her tiny baby photos that I have had there is no way I would have recognized her now. She looks so healthy and I am so impressed with the recreation center and how nice and clean everything is. I will never be able to thank her caretakers enough. Boy do I feel blessed today my goodness!
There are 2 videos but we have only received the 1st one so far. But it has her giggling with her caretaker... how sweet is that and then it shows her get shy when Im guessing she sees Myras hubby!! Cant wait for the second one!!!
I just cant explain how much I love the little girl my heart just flutters looking at these photos and I just cant wait to have her in my arms!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

David Archuleta - Be Still My Soul

Be Still My Soul/ Sunday Update

This is my absolute favorite hymn... it has gotten me through some of the hardest days. The words all ring so true. Here are the words for those of you not familiar with it.

Be still, my soul. The Lord is on thy side; With patience bear thy cross of grief or pain. Leave to thy God to order and provide; In every change he faithful will remain. Be still, my soul; Thy best, thy heavnly Friend. Thru thorny ways leads through a joyful end.

Be still, my soul; thy God doth undertake To guide the future as he has the past. Thy hope thy confidence let nothing shake; All now mysterious shall be bright at last. Be still, my soul; the waves and winds still know His voice who ruled them while he dwelt below.

Be still, my soul; The hour is hastning on When we shall be forever with the Lord, when disappointment , grief, and fear are gone. Sorrow forgot, loves purest joys restored. Be still, my soul; When change and tears are past. All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

That last line is my favorite and when I really take in all the words meanings I feel so blessed to know that Malia will be home very soon safe and blessed! I feel so blessed and happy this week that we had MAJOR progress with Malia getting here. First on Wednesday we got the official referral which came with all sorts of paper work to be filled out. Thanks to Tirsa who once again helped us out with everything we needed to be notarized! LIFE SAVER! Also we learned on Wednesday that Holt has our legals is what they are called and from what I understand it is the Korean side of paper work which usually doesnt come until even up to 2 months or so after your approval. I was ecstatic!! What a huge jump we got with that. So on Thursday we over nighted our paperwork to Holt and they got it Friday morning so we are hoping that we will have our legals in hand on Monday?? We will fill out another form and mail it in and then I think really just be waiting for the US side to do their thing to approve her to get into the US and come home to her family!! We just cant wait to snuggle her! I got to snuggle with Jude last night while he slept and it was exactly what Ive been waiting for with Malia its so nice getting to practice with Jude, he is a good sport!

Ive been getting asked now that we have this part done how long are we expecting... that is such a hard ? because we are always wrong BUT I think it could be as soon as 2-3 months or still as long as 5 but of course Im hoping for 2-3!! Love my baby girl and I want desperately for her to be home for her Birthday!

The Calebs gonna kill me entry!

Well we watched Jude last night an Maddie and I had an absolute blast with him hehehehe! As Jude was crawling the stairs it accured to me he would be a great test subject to see if Malia might still fit into her clothes by the time she gets here so off we went to try on an outfit! He looked absolutely adorable and really loved the dress and the bow he didnt even pull it out! For as all boy that he looks he actually would have made a very pretty girl! He was so helpful and kept lifting the dress and laughing!!
Then there are some video and pictures of Maddie and Silas from Kadens game the other night. They were playing Sleeping Beauty and one of them would sleep (mostly Maddie) and the other would "wake them up" at first we werent sure if it was by kissing because we kept missing that part but then realized it was just by them stomping and yelling! It was so cute... then they were dancing and hugging.... Maddie was kind of attacking Silas with her hugs and he would try to push her away but that girl is TOUGH! We laughed so hard watching them my stomach and cheeks were sore after.

Isnt he sweet!
Love the bow
and laughing

The dancing and the death hold

Friday, July 18, 2008

Water balloon fight!

Kaden is mortified that Im sharing this video. He felt horrible that Maddie got hurt but she recovered in about 3 seconds so she was being a little bit dramatic... ya I know big surprise!

We had a blast yesterday with the Zimmers! We decided to let them have a water balloon fight which meant Tami and I tied 200 water balloons which meant we both got a little wet each time either of us lost a full balloon OOPS!! The kids were having a hard time waiting on us but they did and when we said go it lasted about 3 minutes! Then we had dinner and made some smores! It was yumm and tons of fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Green means GO!

Ok so enough driving analogies I know but I got the BEST news today!! We not only got our official approval which means we had a TON of paperwork to fill out BUT we also found out that Holt already has our Legals which can shave off a ton of waiting for us!!!!! I was so so excited to fill out this paperwork finally and get that great news!! So our next step will be to get our legals and fill out the I600. Im feeling like its possible to get baby girl home before her b-day now!!
* Also I found out some interesting info. We have been seeing her name like this.. Jang San-hui... we new Jang was the Family name and wasnt sure of the other two but thought San was her first and hui was a middle... goodness I felt silly finding out that San-hui is her complete first name! So in getting this info we finally have figured out her full middle name. So her full name when she comes home will be Malia Linh San-hui Jeffers! Love it Love it! Long and she might hate us later but all of her middle name has great meaning and I believe she will appreciate us including her Korean name!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The very best best bestest BFF EVER!!

Yep sorry everyone I have the best BFF! And I know shes gonna kill me for writing this, but I couldnt let her good deed go unmentioned! Of course I am talking about Tami my very awesome friend for almost 4 years! I knew right away that this was a cool girl that I would get along with. And to this day Ive never been annoyed with her... cant say the same for her about me but I could talk to her all day everyday and never get bored!
So we were doing just that on Sunday on IM and talking about Malia and how horribly hard this wait is and talking about how nice it would be if I could just fly there and visit Malia for awhile... I have wanted to do this but didnt know if I could or even if I would dare do it alone. Well when we were done talking she called a little while later and said Hey Ill go with you... huh. She was willing to fly with me to Korea for a WEEK so that I could be with Malia and do some bonding! How awesome is that! I dont know anyone else who has a friend like that and if you do goodness sakes dont ever mess that up. I was in shock and elated and a little tongue tied I think. I knew Tami was a great friend and she proves that so often but I thought this was really above and beyond. I mean not even the cost alone of it but leaving her own kids for a week.
Well it was Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to talk to Holt and found out they have a policy against letting parents do that. I was really bummed, not only not getting to go see little miss but also missing out on a great adventure with Tami. I know we would have had a blast and neither of us have ever traveled anywhere that required a passport so it really would have been quite the adventure. We will have to plan something else for another time though!!
So Tami I know you are not one for showing how great you are but I had to acknowledge it. I couldnt let you offer such a sacrifice and not scream it to the world. You have been a rock for me a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on literally throughout this process... you continue to build me up and make me a better person and I never walk away from you feeling bad about myself which I think is rare and I dont think I will ever be able to show you how much you mean to me! I have never been so blessed to have someone be so sweet to me without requiring something in return and I truly love and appreciate you!! (Sorry so cheesy)
*Also a huge thank you to Caleb who agreed to this!! What a great guy!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Proud Pappa

Sorry no pics to go with..But I just wanted to post a comment about my family. amazing. A bright boy that will try just about anything. (after some pushing from us) He opens the car door for mom (since dad lacks in that category) And is very protective of his sister. Its just too bad they will never be in the same school together so he can watch over her. After he gets out of elementary they will always be in different schools. He puts his best effort into all the sports we put him in. I probably push him a little to hard because I know where I wish I could of done better growing up. We have already reached that point where the son is better then the dad in the video game category...ouch..he lets me know it too.

Madison...she will be the death of me. She scares the crap out of me on the trampoline, she is just a little dare devil..we have bets on how many broken bones she will of had by the time she is 18. As soon as she learned to get going on the bike she went from don't let go dad to don't touch me dad!
Her and Silas's little relationship is cute for now, but too soon it will be stay away from boys! But if I could choose a boy that will take my daughter away someday (20-30 years )Silas is a great choice!
When ever I have just had that "bad day" and I come home there she is running in for that hug...kind of takes it all away. Little girls are the cure for the common rough day.

Kris...I'm surprised she is still around...having to put up with me all the time can be draining :) Her spirit and determination is very strong. Going through the adoption process had been very trying. I wish there was something I could do to lift her up until we get to bring her home. I see the mother worry look on her and I just wish I could make this process speed along.
She is my rock! It's a little backwards...I find myself looking to her a lot for strength and example, and that should be my role!

Malia...besides being very tardy, I cant fault her anywhere else. She has already made our family closer. Her siblings love her very much, and pray for her everyday. We cant wait to make her a permanent member of our family. I cant wait to hold her and have another daughter that will be "the death of me".

Thanks to my family for being who they are and what they bring to this family. I wouldn't change a thing!

Love, Dad.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maddie learns to ride a big girl bike!

Well at the end of the school year I knew Maddie was ready to take off her training wheels and she did AWESOME the first day then the next day she decided she wasnt so into it. Well we tried on and off the last month or so but she was giving up pretty quick but then yesterday she said she was ready and wanted to do it herself. I went out with her but same ol story, she gave up pretty quick. So she wanted to do it again today and well she was off and no stopping her. One of her big plans was to ride to Silas' house so after some practice we did. Rich ran next to her and I rode my bike with the trailer just in case and Kaden rode his skate board thingy along with us and off to the Zims we went. We couldnt believe how well she did and now there is no stopping her. Right before bed she asked to go just one more time! Well lets just wait for tomorrow girlie! GOOD JOB! We are so so proud!!

Red light theory/ Sunday update

So you know those days that you hit every dang red light there is?? Heres my theory...... at first I am always so mad (I like to be FAST) but after about the 3rd light in a row I feel like ok I get it I need to slow down... you see I feel like its Gods way of keeping me safe. There have been so many times that on those Red light days that I have happened upon a crash ahead. I try to always be thankful. I have found there are times when things are getting slowed down there always seems to be a reason in the end.
Ok so heres my theory... I believe I am living the red light life with this adoption. First we were detoured to Vietnam.... for what I believe was a stalling tactic to get us to where we are today! At first all the mess ups that accured were so maddening and trying of our Faith and of course now looking back all makes perfect sense. We were simply waiting for our Malia.
Now I get to my Sunday update... Holts SW was able to read our HS last week and of course it was approved but the lady who then takes the HS to give us our official referral was sick so we will be getting that this week. At first glance it is frustrating BUT if I take a minute and stick with faith I keep in mind the red light theory and all makes sense or at least will in the future... this I know!
So while all these little twists and turns are so very frustrating and you just want things to hurry hurry hurry, I continue to try to be so patient and remember our Loving Heavenly Father truly truly knows what is best for Malia and he will get her home when the time is just right and when she is ready and also for us to be ready!
Isnt that great!! I feel so blessed to have this understanding and to have the Lord in my life and friends and family around me that also understand this! Now hurry up baby!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post game celebration near death experience

After Kadens game tonight where they kicked some major butt we went to Jacks for some grub...Looks like we were having a pretty good time AA?? Well not 5 minutes later Kaden was eating his dinner and all of a sudden stood up doing the choking sign!!! YIKES I KNOW! Rich asked if he was choking and he was just panicked and couldnt breath. So we all stood up and Rich first told Kaden to try to cough it out and that didnt work so my AWESOME husband went right to work... Im tearing up just remembering how scary it was. Rich did the Heimlich maneuver on him and once was all it took to send it out! After he was able to breath again he just sat down and tears just ran down his face... we were all looking at each other like HOLY CRAP that was scary. I at that moment was so proud of Rich and so grateful to him for his calm personality, when it was happening I knew in my head what I would need to do but was already relieved that Rich was there and that he would be able to save him. Kaden was so relieved and grateful to and told us he was scared and thought he was going to die. OO makes me cry thinking about it. So then we sat there and finished our dinner shaking and all the waitresses kept coming and checking on him... there was one that had witnessed it and she was frozen and after said she was scared and didnt know what to do.
Moral of this story... Everyone should know the Heimlich Maneuver EVERYONE!! And thank you Rich for saving our boy!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taste of Centerra

Well I was running around like mad yesterday so I didnt get my update done yesterday but here ya go.. A couple Saturdays ago we ran up to Loveland to do some shopping at Centerra and found out they were doing the taste of Centerra and had a few rides and jumping castles and food etc, so we partook in that good time! The kids had a blast they jumping, did the swings jumped some more and we shopped in between. After about 2 hours I was exhausted and thirsty but Maddie really wanted her face painted so we stood in line for almost another hour and finally got her turn! She choose a flower on one side and a butterfly on the other, the lady was crazy but amazing and worked pretty fast, and the end result was to cute!! Kaden was so cute during it all, he loves to play the protective brother and loved helping her in the swing and on all the huge slides. After doing a few things he said this is an awesome brother/sister day! AWWW melt my heart and then they were holding hands and having so much fun!

I was so glad that we happen to be there and that the kids had a good time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Fun!

So as you can see the kids have been having a pretty fun summer. We have had play dates and lots of running around. The sprinkler toy has been quite the life saver and the kids LOVE IT!! Maddie and I also met Christi and Chandler for a girls day to get our toes done. It was so much fun.. the girls at the shop were loving on Maddie and asked if they could do her fingers to and they did. She absolutely loved the attention! Kaden has been such a great brother, he is always.. well mostly always willing to include Maddie and keep her entertained because I get pretty boring and the trampoline really isnt a friend of mine!

**Today we went to babies r us to return some baby items that we bought LAST August for Malia. I had bought the car seat/stroller combo that was cherry blossom and also the swing that matched. Knowing she will be or almost will be 1 when she gets here we know we wont be needing those so we returned and bought bigger girl things! I got the britax car seat and some larger jammies and under shirts and toys and sippy cups etc. I love how great the kids act when we are shopping for Malia, there is no jealousy and they love picking out outfits and toys and are just generally excited to get her things. Maddie tells everyone we run into that "we are getting a baby" and if they dont respond she will tell them again and again! Love it!! Kaden was sad that we had to get rid of some of the smaller things and said OOO Im gonna miss her being small. AWWW me too buddy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baseball AND T-ball

I have been slacking on posting some things this summer so Im gonna play catch up this week... or at least try! Im starting with sports. Kaden started baseball last month and has been having a blast! He plays outfield 2nd base and 3rd. He is really fast with getting the ball and really developing a great swing at bat! Their team is awesome this year and they have only lost 2 out of I think 8 games! We have ventured very far for some of these games and one town was clear out in the middle of nowhere and their field was all dirt and rocks and THORNS!! O'well hes having a great time and we are enjoying watching him get better and better! I think they have this week left and then its off to the playoffs... which will be the first one his team has ever made it to!!

Maddie also started T-ball! This is her first year and I have to say she is quite adorable in her pink cleats and pink mitt! She actually has quite the arm on her and a very nice swing. There are quite a few kids who dont quite seem to know where to run or what to do but Maddie I guess has seen enough of big brothers games to know whats up. I think she only has like 1 practice left and then were done and will move on to the next sport I guess.

So there ya have it and I will try to remember to post tomorrow on something else Ive skipped.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

9 months old! (Sunday update)

So baby girl is 9 months old today. WOW I just cant believe Ive already been looking at her sweet little face and loving her for 2 months already. I have been finding myself in her room a lot lately... I will just go lay on the floor and think about her and how our lives are about to change. I like to refold her blankets and go through her clothes and stare at her picture in there. I love having her photo up on the wall next to the other 2 kiddos, I love that I can just look up and there she is. Last night while the kids were getting ready for bed I went in Malias room and was laying on her floor and everyone met me in there, so we just sat and talked about how bad we all want her home and what it will be like when she finally gets here. Then we knelt at her crib and Maddie said one of her sweet prayers telling God how much we love her and want to play and kiss and squeeze her so we need her home. This morning Maddie told me she thinks Malia is on a plane and it is just taking a long time because Korea is far away! It was really sweet.
I think Ive already updated on what we've learned this week... no paper work progress though we did get our 171H re approval which is good news. I also learned this week that Holt-Korea will be shut down because they are moving from the 7th to the 19th I believe so even if our HS finally gets mailed off we arent expecting anything further than that for another couple weeks. BUMMER!!! I know she will get home... this I know... I just wish I had a date but at this point she might not get home until around Thanksgiving which would be a total bummer! We all love her so much and I just cant wait to see what she looks like now. I dream of her often and I cant wait to see if it is really her who comes to visit me at night because she is one gorgeous Korean princess!! Thanks for tuning in for another update, we appreciate all the support we get!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Celebration

We had a really fun 4th. We started out the day by going to the park for our ward (church)breakfast. Boy was it already hot at 8 O'clock! After that we went home to cool down for a bit then went off to the town parade... also HOT but we managed to find some shade. After the parade we went to the town celebration and walked around for about 10 minutes and decided it was way to hot for us so we went to lunch and back home to chill and play guitar hero (our newest obsession)!!
In the evening we did dinner then went to some friends for some yummy root beer floats (Thanks Doug and Haley) and some small fireworks, then we took off to the golf course to enjoy the town fireworks. They were pretty good this year and the kids had a blast! We got home and lit what we had left of our own fireworks and then went to bed! It was a long hot day but it was a ton of fun!
I tried to remember what we were celebrating throughout the day. We so greatly appreciate the soldiers and all their hard work and dedication and love for this country! I hope everyone had a great 4th!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shes doing WHAT!!!

Yesterday while Kaden was at the movie I got a phone call from our agency letting me know that they had received our HS but it hadnt been looked at by the lady who I guess officially approves us... we need this done so that it can then be mailed off to Korea so we can start getting some progress done. Anyways I guess she works part time and may not be in this week either. I was so bummed after this phone call. I have a hard time with paper work sitting around after I rush things... but I understand or I am trying to understand that this is how it works.
Well then we went to Red Robin for lunch and as we were walking out guess what.. my phone ding donged letting me know I had a new email!! I could see it was from our agency and said medical update!! YAAAA
I needed this so much, I needed something good after that hard news earlier. So here is what baby girl is up to!
She is a whopping 17.8 lbs! Im so glad that she is healthy and growing!! She is also getting taller a whole 27 inches!! It seems to me that she is still a creeper maybe army crawler it looks like?? (Haley I will need your help deciphering this stuff again) she is sitting up alone AND WHAT THE CRAP she is pulling herself up and walks holding on to furniture... SO NOT OK WITH THIS!! She is only 8 months.. is my baby girl going to be walking! Oh my goodness I am going to be bringing home a baby that is walking YIKES! She seems to be on track with her language skills she is saying single syllables and imitating speech.
So I was so excited for the update and so happy to read she is doing well but at the same time it sure is hard watching her grow up on paper! I NEED PHOTOS!! I NEED HER HOME!!
I feel so very blessed to be working with Holt, they have been very sweet to us and usually get right back to us within a couple hours which is so nice considering our last agency NEVER called back!! I can not believe what wonderful medical attention she is getting I mean geesh she is seeing a doc every month just for check ups! How awesome is that!
I love her so much and all of us are just aching to get her home. I can tell the kids are really starting to have a hard time waiting to, they just want her home and like us have a hard time understanding the wait.
I have had a whisper in my ear lately while pondering about this wait... that of course the timing will be perfect (though it doesnt seem that way now) and that she is really going to be a very sweet Spirit in our home. Does that mean Maddie will remain top Diva and Malia will be the sweet quiet one like I was when I was little!!! Im pretty sure she will take after her sis and help boss these boys around in no time!!
*Oh one more thing we also got our reapproval for our 171H switch to Korea!! YEAH!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday boyeee

Well Kaden is 10 a whole decade. O I just dont know that Im ok with this. It just seems so old. He has always been such a sweet boy and always (well mostly) an easy kid to have around! I remember when he was born at a whopping 9 lbs that he had the most easy going personality. He still for the most part does. He is such a blessing in our home and such a great big brother. I love when he gets protective of Maddie and he is often opening doors for me and closing them. We let him choose 2 friends to take to see a movie and then we went to Red Robin for some yum yum lunch! I think the boys had a blast. Kaden is now playing a wii game he got. He was in love with his ipod. It has been hard the last couple of years getting him gifts since he is becoming a big boy and little toys dont seem to be part of the equation anymore. So games, clothes, and an ipod seemed to suit him well this year... O had to throw in a DC hat since that seems to be his one fashion obsession right now.

Love this boy and I love that I get to be his mom. I am proud of him and so sad that he is growing so fast. It really is true.. one second they are babies the next they are out of the house. I am so not ready for that! Happy Birthday Kaden we love you so much!