Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maddies 3rd week of Intensives

Maddie had a great week of intensives! It was her final week before the fall schedule starts next month so she will have a few weeks off and she isnt to excited about the long break. (I kinda am)
She had an absolute blast though! She was a little nervous because her 2 buddies were out of town and she wasnt sure who would be in her class but I knew it wouldnt matter and sure enough she came out after the first day not caring who was in her class!
She did hip hop, ballet, musical theater, contemporary, tap, jazz, and I think Im forgetting one?! Anyways she loved the teachers and loved the classes and came home every night continuing to practice what she had learned! We love hearing her talk about how much she loves it, it makes the time and money all worth it when you see how much fun she had!!
They also learned the SYTYCD day of dance challenge which was so fun!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beans and Rice

Wanna know how to make this girl happy? Give her what she wants!! Wanna know what she wants in all the world?? Beans and rice.. and if you throw in a learning video shes all yours!!
Maddie had intensives this week and Kaden is with a friend so it was just her and I and all she wanted to do was watch Tad and have beans and rice! Well that was easy!

Pretty sure she was annoyed with my pictures... this is the ok hurry up and let me eat my food lady!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Here are some videos of Rich and the girls swimming the other day. Maddie has totally taught herself to swim and now she is so comfortable in the water she just does tricks the whole time. Malia had decided that when she is wearing goggles that she is invinsible and becomes crazy in the water.. no fear.. which means a lot for me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We had a great morning at the pool. Rich was off and Kaden didnt have friends over or baseball and Maddie didnt have dance SOO we finally had a day to just be with each other and enjoy the day!! It was really nice!
These girls are both becoming quite the little swimmers! Maddie is able to do the breast stroke under the water has all of a sudden caught on to the free style and is way better than me coming up for air in between strokes and yesterday taught herself the back stroke! Those of you who know Rich and his swimming background can imagine what a proud daddy he is!
Then there is Malia who is fearless in the water. She dunks herself, holds her head under the water... and today started swimming under the water from Rich to me with about 5 feet between us!! She is awesome!
As soon as she would come up she would point and yell again.. and then she would pop up and just mumble because she didnt want to waste time with words Im guessing, it was so funny!
Kaden being the brother he is likes to go around and splash us all and try dunking me and Maddie! We had so much fun!
Well until I came home and saw that because I didnt put on sunscreen right away on my face I am now covered in my dang freckles.

Maddie has also perfected the under water summersaults.. forward and backward.. four in a row!

Jumping into the tube.. pretty funny!

Rock stars

We played a little rock band last night.. and we rocked it! LOL the howling that must occure outside when the creatures of the night hear us must be good!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potty Mouth Challenge

So heres the deal... I swear. Yep I admit it. I say all the good ones.. A word B word S word D word and the occasional.. and yes I know its absolutely disgusting but when Im really really mad the F word has been known to escape my lips.
Now this isnt an every day occurrence. I can go days without saying these choice words BUT certain emotions evoke these horrid words from my being and as soon as they are flying out of my mouth (usually when Im just beyond ticked) I feel stupid, the word can be half way out of my mouth and Im telling myself STOP but I just cant, and if Im worked up they keep on coming.
Yes Im that dumb!
SO I have been trying really hard to stop myself but keep realizing the "trying" isnt really doing anything for me. SOOO I am ratting myself out, I am putting it all out there because it seems if I call myself out and put it out there in the public so that I have to be held accountable I usually can succeed in what I am challenging myself to do.
Rich has created my own little reward system (ya Im 4 and need one of those) so if I can go 2 weeks without saying a naughty word I get a reward and then if I go another 2 another bigger and better one as a grand prize will follow. Then I figure after a month this should be out of my system!
So I need any friends or family that I chat with to rat me out if I slip. I hate this part of myself, I know its unattractive I know its horrible when my kids hear it I know it makes me look dumb its just a really really bad habbit that Ive had since probably Jr. High that I need to break!
So Ive already gone well ummm today with a clean mouth and heres hoping I have enough sense in me to just quit!

Baptism Prep

Well the big day is approaching and I am excited for Maddie but so sad that my sweet girl is getting so big!
Maddie will be baptized next month and she is super excited. We were going to do in in Utah but Maddie didnt want to be away from her ward friends and it was really hard finding a church that could meet our schedule there.
I realized how fast the date was approaching last week and decided I better hurry and get pics done for her invitations. So I got her scriptures ordered, I had already found her dress when I was in Utah last so all that was left was to go to the Denver Temple for pics!
The weather was super hot but gorgeous and the kids and I just made a morning of it. And getting to stop and Deseret Book and get some yummy rolls and honey butter made the long drive so worth it!
Maddie rocked her little photo shoot. When I was going through the photos I was just so excited, she is so gorgeous and so sweet and I think it all shows in her pics. I have about 100 photos that I love so I really need to narrow it out and choose which ones that will make the invite!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Busy week

We had a super busy week. Maddie had week 2 of dance intensives which meant Monday through Thursday 10-3 every day! She LOVED it!! She had so much fun with the new teachers and hanging out with the girls and walking across the street to 7/11 for slurpies!
And Kaden had more baseball. Yesterday he had a double header and he had the best games ever. He was killing it at bat and on 2nd.. it was really exciting watching him!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last day at the cabin

Our last day waking up to that view :( When I woke up that morning I couldnt believe how fast it went by.. well for us! Im sure the Zimmers were like GET OUT!! But we had the best time!
Tami and I started our morning by going to the spa AKA the deck with a bucket of lake water and a razor lol but my legs were SO smooth after it was so fun shaving outside in the sun.. though I saw stuff I dont normally in the dark of my own shower!
We kept busy all day again by boating, skiing, cannoing, eating, and all that fun stuff! By 5 I think we were all pooped and ready to sleep the kids were all ready too and I think they started going to bed before 8! Those of us that managed to stay up later played games and had a blast. It definitely was a sad goodbye at night. I was not ready to say bye to the boys or Tami.
We are so grateful that they had us and so happy that we were able to go. It was really an amazing vacation and we cant wait to come back.. if they will have us... potty buckets and all!!!
I do have to say that I think we all did pretty well and I have caught myself walking away from the potty a couple times without flushing because I forget that I can do that again lol!
We also learned that Malia is a bit of a clean freak.. I had no idea, but she still had a great time in the great outdoors! We were very very impressed with Kaden and Maddie.. they both tried wakeboarding again on the last day so Maddie is a rock star and Kaden not letting me (who tried after Maddie did the last day) show him up.. he stayed in that cold water for at least 30 minutes trying and got so close every single time he just couldnt quite keep his balance after getting up.. we were seriously so proud of him and Maddie! We couldnt get over how Malia was just having such a good time just playing for hours in a bucket of water.. it was to cute.
We sure love our Zimmers and miss them tons already! Thanks for the memories!