Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We had a great morning at the pool. Rich was off and Kaden didnt have friends over or baseball and Maddie didnt have dance SOO we finally had a day to just be with each other and enjoy the day!! It was really nice!
These girls are both becoming quite the little swimmers! Maddie is able to do the breast stroke under the water has all of a sudden caught on to the free style and is way better than me coming up for air in between strokes and yesterday taught herself the back stroke! Those of you who know Rich and his swimming background can imagine what a proud daddy he is!
Then there is Malia who is fearless in the water. She dunks herself, holds her head under the water... and today started swimming under the water from Rich to me with about 5 feet between us!! She is awesome!
As soon as she would come up she would point and yell again.. and then she would pop up and just mumble because she didnt want to waste time with words Im guessing, it was so funny!
Kaden being the brother he is likes to go around and splash us all and try dunking me and Maddie! We had so much fun!
Well until I came home and saw that because I didnt put on sunscreen right away on my face I am now covered in my dang freckles.

Maddie has also perfected the under water summersaults.. forward and backward.. four in a row!

Jumping into the tube.. pretty funny!