Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cabin vaca day 1

We are home after a 5 day vaca to Idaho to visit our very bestest friends at their Cabin in Plummer. There are no words for the amount of fun we had. It was simply the very best vaca we have ever been on. The kids were constantly busy with something fun, the company was great, the kids got along splendidly and us adults had some good laughs!
We had to leave for our flight at 5 so we woke up super early but the kids were so excited they didnt mind.
We flew into Spokane and drove just over an hour to their floating cabin and it was heaven to see them! It took the kids about 3.5 seconds to throw on the swim suits and start having fun Zimmer style. They went sliding into the freezing cold water, cannooing like champs and running around like rock stars! Being the pampered spoiled city kids that they are they fit right in and we were very impressed with how the jumped into everything!

Maddie and Silas took zero time to fall right back into their cute little friendship, I cant say enough how much I love that boy!

The boys were very brave jumping in that water.. my toe didnt even like it!

And Maddie held her own jumping right in with the boys...

But this is the shocked face you get when your body realizes how cold it is!

Malia had a blast just filling buckets of water and spilling it onto the deck... that was pretty much her whole 4 days of fun!


tamiz said...

Come back! I promise the last week in July will be much warmer! We had so much fun so you better be planning the next visit already!