Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last day at the cabin

Our last day waking up to that view :( When I woke up that morning I couldnt believe how fast it went by.. well for us! Im sure the Zimmers were like GET OUT!! But we had the best time!
Tami and I started our morning by going to the spa AKA the deck with a bucket of lake water and a razor lol but my legs were SO smooth after it was so fun shaving outside in the sun.. though I saw stuff I dont normally in the dark of my own shower!
We kept busy all day again by boating, skiing, cannoing, eating, and all that fun stuff! By 5 I think we were all pooped and ready to sleep the kids were all ready too and I think they started going to bed before 8! Those of us that managed to stay up later played games and had a blast. It definitely was a sad goodbye at night. I was not ready to say bye to the boys or Tami.
We are so grateful that they had us and so happy that we were able to go. It was really an amazing vacation and we cant wait to come back.. if they will have us... potty buckets and all!!!
I do have to say that I think we all did pretty well and I have caught myself walking away from the potty a couple times without flushing because I forget that I can do that again lol!
We also learned that Malia is a bit of a clean freak.. I had no idea, but she still had a great time in the great outdoors! We were very very impressed with Kaden and Maddie.. they both tried wakeboarding again on the last day so Maddie is a rock star and Kaden not letting me (who tried after Maddie did the last day) show him up.. he stayed in that cold water for at least 30 minutes trying and got so close every single time he just couldnt quite keep his balance after getting up.. we were seriously so proud of him and Maddie! We couldnt get over how Malia was just having such a good time just playing for hours in a bucket of water.. it was to cute.
We sure love our Zimmers and miss them tons already! Thanks for the memories!


tamiz said...

Jude and Malia played so cute together!