Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maddies 3rd week of Intensives

Maddie had a great week of intensives! It was her final week before the fall schedule starts next month so she will have a few weeks off and she isnt to excited about the long break. (I kinda am)
She had an absolute blast though! She was a little nervous because her 2 buddies were out of town and she wasnt sure who would be in her class but I knew it wouldnt matter and sure enough she came out after the first day not caring who was in her class!
She did hip hop, ballet, musical theater, contemporary, tap, jazz, and I think Im forgetting one?! Anyways she loved the teachers and loved the classes and came home every night continuing to practice what she had learned! We love hearing her talk about how much she loves it, it makes the time and money all worth it when you see how much fun she had!!
They also learned the SYTYCD day of dance challenge which was so fun!!


tamiz said...

Yay madness! I wanted those big girls to move out the way on the hip hop dance!

Angela said...

What a cute little performer! I loved watching the videos! I really liked the "Let's Get Loud" one! I can tell she really liked that one!