Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potty Mouth Challenge

So heres the deal... I swear. Yep I admit it. I say all the good ones.. A word B word S word D word and the occasional.. and yes I know its absolutely disgusting but when Im really really mad the F word has been known to escape my lips.
Now this isnt an every day occurrence. I can go days without saying these choice words BUT certain emotions evoke these horrid words from my being and as soon as they are flying out of my mouth (usually when Im just beyond ticked) I feel stupid, the word can be half way out of my mouth and Im telling myself STOP but I just cant, and if Im worked up they keep on coming.
Yes Im that dumb!
SO I have been trying really hard to stop myself but keep realizing the "trying" isnt really doing anything for me. SOOO I am ratting myself out, I am putting it all out there because it seems if I call myself out and put it out there in the public so that I have to be held accountable I usually can succeed in what I am challenging myself to do.
Rich has created my own little reward system (ya Im 4 and need one of those) so if I can go 2 weeks without saying a naughty word I get a reward and then if I go another 2 another bigger and better one as a grand prize will follow. Then I figure after a month this should be out of my system!
So I need any friends or family that I chat with to rat me out if I slip. I hate this part of myself, I know its unattractive I know its horrible when my kids hear it I know it makes me look dumb its just a really really bad habbit that Ive had since probably Jr. High that I need to break!
So Ive already gone well ummm today with a clean mouth and heres hoping I have enough sense in me to just quit!