Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July at the Cabin Day 3

On the 4th we started out pretty slow, it was nice I think everyone was able to sleep in a bit and after a couple late nights in a row I think we all needed it! After everyone was ready we headed off to buy fireworks and do a little shopping for supplies.. aka soda haha!

Afterward we headed to Zips for some lunch which was a hit and while I took Malia potty Rich realized the keys were locked in our car... and after he tried to blame everyone else for it happening and I got maybe a wee bit angry about that (knowing it was him) some how Caleb was able to find a local guy who was available and cheap and came right over and got it unlocked.. I couldnt believe it! On the 4th to have him come was a blessing for sure! And he was just cute as a button and I loved his old van!

When we got back to the cabin everyone scattered and started their fun, swimming boating diving fishing and all that good stuff. I even braved it up and did some tubing. Maddie decided to try to wake board and man if she just had a little more weight and strength she would have had it, then Kaden tried and I think he was just a little to nervous but did give it a couple tries. The water is freezing so its hard to stay motivated out there!

Later we participated in their daily style jumps.. where everyone dives/jumps into the cold water in a new fun way and OMG it was freaking Hilarious.. I cant even tell you how hard I was laughing... but also super impressed with the back flips and high jumps the kids were making.. but mostly Caleb was cracking us up with his!

In the evening we sat around the fire waiting to start our fireworks but when it was late enough nobody else was doing it and we were a little nervous about getting in trouble so we only did a few. Still it was a super fun day!!Oh we also did some family bonding at the nudist resort bwahahaha LMBO

Malia caught on pretty quick to the rowing and took over.. Tami is a good teacher!

Soooo close!!

Pretty awesome shot if I do say so myself!

The Moze.. my favorite! Maddie followed it up with a Moze of her own that cracked us up!

So scared to get wet!


tamiz said...

Seriously loved that lock smith! The Mose pic of C is very sexy. I looked through the black bag of fireworks last night and saw a ton of quads...dang it those would have been awesome. We'll save them for next year.