Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baptism Prep

Well the big day is approaching and I am excited for Maddie but so sad that my sweet girl is getting so big!
Maddie will be baptized next month and she is super excited. We were going to do in in Utah but Maddie didnt want to be away from her ward friends and it was really hard finding a church that could meet our schedule there.
I realized how fast the date was approaching last week and decided I better hurry and get pics done for her invitations. So I got her scriptures ordered, I had already found her dress when I was in Utah last so all that was left was to go to the Denver Temple for pics!
The weather was super hot but gorgeous and the kids and I just made a morning of it. And getting to stop and Deseret Book and get some yummy rolls and honey butter made the long drive so worth it!
Maddie rocked her little photo shoot. When I was going through the photos I was just so excited, she is so gorgeous and so sweet and I think it all shows in her pics. I have about 100 photos that I love so I really need to narrow it out and choose which ones that will make the invite!


Elizabeth said...

Just beautiful pictures!! I love the ctr one!! So precious! She is growing up too fast!