Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 2 A'la Cabin

Day 2 started with a cold refreshing lake bath... for the boys, us girls are smart and had a nice shower IN the cabin with WARM water!! Then we went to the branch that they attend while they are there and lets just say it was a good time! The people were so friendly nice and happy it was a lot of fun. We got home and Calebs family joined in the fun and early 4th festivities that happen on the lake.
There is a dude with a plane and he does fly bys while dropping watermellon out of the plane trying to hit a barge out on the lake. Then there is a large dock that they come and hook up to the Zimmers cabin that has a HUGE watermellon cannon that they shoot and also try to hit the barge. It was so much fun! They hooked up huge loud speakers and we got to just sit there and be entertained!

Elias serenaded us with his little guitar thingy that I cant spell.. he is really good and quite the singer!

Malia had some serious moves.. the hips were moving for sure!

Of course my girls had to entertain with some dancing!

The plane was super close!

After the show was over he took the plane for a lake drive with his bikini girls holding flags.. it was kinda funny!


tamiz said...

Man I'm so glad you came and took some proper pictures!