Friday, July 1, 2011

Kaden is a teen!

What a day! Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! I can not believe you are 13 I mean seriously how did this happen! We have grounded you so many times for getting older and getting taller and it just isnt stopping you and Im calling NO FAIR!!
We are so lucky to have you! You are sweet, sensitive, caring, smart, cute a great brother and great help to me and we are just so proud of who you are turning into. Thanks for being our boy!
So today we woke him up before Rich had to go to work (with previous permission.. dont mess with a sleeping teen!) and he was as you can see hiding from the early camera shot!
He opened his gifts and seemed happy with everything! Rich had gone early to get his favorite doughnuts so we enjoyed a yummy breakfast. He set off to his new game while we did some packing and then his friends started to arrive. They went swimming for a couple hours and then they came back for pizza and he opened some gifts from his friends. Then Rich took them all to Jump Street and it sounds like they had a blast! When they got back we had sang Happy Birthday and at some ice cream cake!
Everyone just left and he said it was the best birthday so far! So happy that he is happy, so happy that he has good friends.. and a nice little girlfriend (well maybe not happy about that but she is a very nice girl and its not a big deal) and dang if it just isnt so much fun seeing your kids have fun and smile!
Love this boy so so much, I am always catching myself stressing about what little time I have left with him in our home before he gets to run off and create new adventures, seriously it makes me so sad to think about that so I will try to avoid that!!
Happy Birthday bud, we love you and are so glad you had a great day!

His sisters sure love him!