Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Festival Performance

Maddie had a performance in Longmont this last Friday! It was so much fun and she is always so excited to perform. They performed 3 dances from their Spring recital and only had 30 minutes for each dance to practice and they did really good!
Love watching this girl dance!
Malia was our 1/2 tiem show, it was so cute, people were filming and taking pics of her dance.

Malias First Day of Pre-K

Little Miss Malia had her first day of Pre-K last week! She was sooo darn ready and for the first time so was I! She was super excited ate fast, cleaned her room fast, and was ready with her back pack on! She was a little peeved that I didnt make her a lunch for school though lol!
When I took her she went right in hugged her teachers (and someone elses dad oops) and put her back back away, found her name hung it on the board and jumped right in! I kept saying bye and she didnt care in the least.
She is the only kid that I have worried might not do well in school.. not because she misses mommy but because she is so strong willed and has no problem telling adults no or just ignores you.. working on that! BUT I was very happy to hear her teacher tell me how great she was when I went to pick her up! She has gone 3 times now and LOVES IT!! She could go all week all day and would be in heaven. I am already impressed with her school work that she has brought home. Her matching skills are impressive for the first week of school and her teachers seem impressed by her letter skills too!
Crazy that she is already in school, seriously time flies!

She sat right down and said hi to the kids at the table.. no social issues for her! There is another Malia in the class (but spelled different) who was adopted from China! I was sooo excited to see that Malia wont be the only Asian and adopted Asian!! Yaaaa

And from what I saw she was the only one to find her own name amongst all the other kids!

No looking back.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A family fun weekend!

We had a great weekend with Becki and the kids!!

So Malia taught herself how to float on her back AND do the back stroke.. seriously she can do the back stroke.. how many 3 year olds do that?! This girl is her daddies water dream!

Kylie got a car while she was here!!!

Little miss must have gotten worn out while she was here because she fell asleep on the stairs at 9:30 in the morning!And the boys did a lot of this..

Maddies great weekend!!

Maddie got baptized!!!!
We have been waiting for this weekend all year.. her excitedly, me sadly (the whole growing up thing). Maddie decided that yes she wanted to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, and we are proud of her for her decision and so excited for her to now have the Holy Ghost as her friend and guide!
Becki and the kids came down for the weekend to be with us which was very nice. A lot of Maddies church friends showed up and a couple of mine which was also very nice, I know they love Maddie!
Maddie was pretty nervous and made Rich practice dip her a lot Saturday morning. We got there early and Maddie wanted to see the Font and the water was really high and she got a little more nervous but was super excited.
There were really lovely talks given by the other family and Becki, Kaden said a prayer and did a great job.
When it was time for Maddie to get baptized I took her back and hurried out to see it happen. I was a mess all morning and was crying. She looked so pretty in the water, she wore a dress and it was floating in the water and really was an amazing site. She dipped back perfectly so no second tries! When I went back to help her out and to change I was crying and hugged her and she was crying so we just sat there and hugged and cried and then laughed at ourselves.. it was a very special moment that I will remember forever. Her hair was in a braid so it was a quick change.. we beat all the boys out haha!!!
She was confirmed a member of the church and was given the Holy Ghost. It was a very special and neat moment.
Kylie played her violin and Becki played the piano. It was really really neat!!
We celebrated at Red Robin and then came home to swim. It was a great weekend. One that I know she will remember forever.
Yaaa Maddie we are so proud!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My 8th grader

Yep the rumors are true.. I have an 8th grader, and it isnt all its cracked up to be.. its HORRIBLY SAD!!! I just dont really appreciate my kids getting older, I really really dont! And to see Kaden handle himself so maturely with his new responsibilities makes it even harder!
He is such a good kid and we are so lucky to have such a great kid!
He got up early to his alarm and got ready and after I made him eat a descent breakfast AND dragged him outside for a few pictures, I made him let me take him school! He likes to rub it in how old he is getting and he was talking about "well next year I will be in high school" and well I kinda started crying the turd!
Im excited to hear how his day went but Im sure that he is going to do just fine! Hes a great kid and as long as he can stay focused on school and then friends he will have a great year!!
And he is freaking adorable!

OH MY GOSH look how big he is waaaaa!