Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school already!?

How is it possible that summer is already over? It is way to hot and seriously I could really use another few weeks with the kids home to make it feel like it is school time. Summer just flew by. We had a really busy but great summer. I feel so lucky that my kids are so great that I am not one of those parents dying to get my kids out of the house, I am actually just so darn sad. I really love having my kids home and having our own busy little schedules without the added school. But the kids love school, they have great friends and great teachers and I am excited to see them continue to learn and grow in all areas of life this year! Rich gave them fathers blessings last night which always helps us all! I am so thankful for him and for what he is able to provide for us.
Kaden doesnt officially start until tomorrow but he is a WEB leader in his school, which is pretty much just a small group of older kids helping out the younger kids so even though today was only for the 6th graders in his school he had to be at the school pretty early to get ready for the newbies. He studied his notes on what to do and had a really great time today! So tomorrow watch for his official first day of school photos... if he will let me!
Maddie had her first day!! We went to her back to school night last night and she picked her seat in the very first row (so not me) and her friends quickly came in and found seats next to her.. guessing that will change soon! So this morning she came grinning into our room already dressed and just so excited that it even put a smile on my face! She has such a great little spirit and I am so sad to have to share her with the school! She went and saw all of her last few teachers and tutors and omg they ran to her and grabbed her up and all hugged her and told her how much they miss her. Her first grade teacher wants her to come in and be a helper and let us know that she had been asking all the 3rd grade teachers who has her and those that didnt that they were missing out lol love that she is so loved!
Maddie was a little nervous on our way to school but as soon as she saw one of her friends she was off and ready to go. She did let us walk her to class and take a couple pics though! She said she had a great day and really likes her teacher, I think Mrs. Norris is going to be a great fit for her!
Malia will be starting pre-school this year and today was an open house, so we headed over after we had dropped off Maddie. This little girl is so so excited for school.. how do they even know what it is and that they should want to go? Well I dont know either but she has been so excited and has been trying to be extra good so "she can go to school" cracks me up! She got to meet her teachers and play with a few toys and she wasnt to thrilled that we couldnt stay and is already asking if she gets to go back. Im thinking her off days are going to drive me nuts!!
There is another Mahlia in her class that is adopted from China that I took a pic of a few months ago so I was really excited about that! How neat is that!!
So we all had a great start even though I think we all would have loved a little more summer time! Hope you all had a great first day too!!

Good thing these girlies are sassy right!

Seriously love this photo!

Doesnt her teacher look like exactly what you picture sweet little teachers should! Love it!

And sorry for all the crap photos.. my ISO is way off and I didnt even notice until I was editing.. oops!