Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Malias First Day of Pre-K

Little Miss Malia had her first day of Pre-K last week! She was sooo darn ready and for the first time so was I! She was super excited ate fast, cleaned her room fast, and was ready with her back pack on! She was a little peeved that I didnt make her a lunch for school though lol!
When I took her she went right in hugged her teachers (and someone elses dad oops) and put her back back away, found her name hung it on the board and jumped right in! I kept saying bye and she didnt care in the least.
She is the only kid that I have worried might not do well in school.. not because she misses mommy but because she is so strong willed and has no problem telling adults no or just ignores you.. working on that! BUT I was very happy to hear her teacher tell me how great she was when I went to pick her up! She has gone 3 times now and LOVES IT!! She could go all week all day and would be in heaven. I am already impressed with her school work that she has brought home. Her matching skills are impressive for the first week of school and her teachers seem impressed by her letter skills too!
Crazy that she is already in school, seriously time flies!

She sat right down and said hi to the kids at the table.. no social issues for her! There is another Malia in the class (but spelled different) who was adopted from China! I was sooo excited to see that Malia wont be the only Asian and adopted Asian!! Yaaaa

And from what I saw she was the only one to find her own name amongst all the other kids!

No looking back.


Melissa said...

I'm glad she had a good day, and she looks adorable!

Angela said...

Malia is so smart and funny! I bet she is making lots of friends! Love that sweet kid!