Friday, August 19, 2011

My 8th grader

Yep the rumors are true.. I have an 8th grader, and it isnt all its cracked up to be.. its HORRIBLY SAD!!! I just dont really appreciate my kids getting older, I really really dont! And to see Kaden handle himself so maturely with his new responsibilities makes it even harder!
He is such a good kid and we are so lucky to have such a great kid!
He got up early to his alarm and got ready and after I made him eat a descent breakfast AND dragged him outside for a few pictures, I made him let me take him school! He likes to rub it in how old he is getting and he was talking about "well next year I will be in high school" and well I kinda started crying the turd!
Im excited to hear how his day went but Im sure that he is going to do just fine! Hes a great kid and as long as he can stay focused on school and then friends he will have a great year!!
And he is freaking adorable!

OH MY GOSH look how big he is waaaaa!