Saturday, July 25, 2009

A group of Winners!!!

The boys had game 1 of a possible 3 games last night for the tournament. We had found out that 6 teams including us had ended up tying for 3rd so they had a coin toss for placement and we lost every toss putting us in 6th DANG IT! We still werent concerned we all thought we would go all the way until we heard who we were up against first.. Estes Park the last team to beat us 8 games ago and they didnt just beat us they had crushed us. They boys were mellow and you could tell they were nervous and it started out pretty slow for us. BUT we started catching up, we were looking good the boys were in a groove until their pitcher started walking us and the boys lost their momentum it seemed. They played with a lot of heart though these really are an amazing group of boys and really neat parents. Anyways it was obvious that we were gonna loose this and we all got pretty bummed, we ended up loosing 17-7. I must say that that is a MUCH better score than our first visit with them AND these boys were all a whole year older and a head and a 1/2 at least taller than ours.. we were joking that their pitcher who had a killer curve ball already had a mustache but we heard the deep voices on some of these boys and it was clear that there might have been some age cheating happening.. so sad!
BUT the boys had a blast and even though they were all clearly heartbroken about the loss they all kept their composure and left with wet eyes but smiles on their faces! We had won the last 7 games in a row so we are focusing on that!!
Kaden and Dallin improved so much the last 1/2 of the season both hitting really well! Dal played outfield and sometimes 3rd and Kaden alternated out and 2nd base which he loves! Im excited to have a whole week off until football starts UGH!!
We hosted the end of the season party today and had a bar-b-que and everyone came and had a really great time, we ate and ate and ate and then hung out then had a water fight, which I got NO photos of because I instantly retreated to hide my camera! But the boys got the coaches really good and the boys all went home soaken wet! LOVE our coaches so so much they are just amazing. I am not even kidding you have never met coaches like ours, they know just the right amount of strictness and sweetness, NEVER a mean word towards the kids, you can tell when they pulled in their frustration and found words of encouragement when things were going downhill. I cant thank them enough for helping build these boys up to the level they are at, I know they all have grown so much in these last couple of months!! So thanks coach Dave and coach Jim, you guys are amazing!!
Heres some pix of our last game.
Love this pic of Dallin
Ready to play some ball.. I kept thinking its gotta feel awesome and nerve racking walking onto the field for this type of game.

ball stance!

Dallins ready!

Maddie and Malia have been amazing during these games!
Seriously Malia would sit for 2+ hours and just hang out having snacks and singing row row your boat!
At bat
Nice cut Dal
Hanging out
YEP its dark! We played under the lights last night, it was so fun!
He was only getting pitched balls but decided to go after one anyways!

The coaches will call each boy up and say amazing things about them its so heartfelt and sweet. They said that they "recruited" Dallin from Utah and how great he did and that he's welcome back every year!
They said Kaden is the kind of boy you love to coach.. what a compliment!
The girlie girls sat and watched
One last hoooo-aahhh!!!
Good season boys cant wait for the next... who am I kidding yes I can!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday pics

We enjoyed some outdoor fun tonight after a very funny and messy dinner! I also took some fun pics of Malia all dressed before church in her pretty dress, she was so excited about being outdoors and was yelling and pointing at everything.. her new word is bushes and she says it pretty dang clear it was really cute, she also was loving the flowers and saying flo'ers in the cutest little voice I just love it! Maddie was having fun practicing her dancing and splitz and wanting Malia to play with her and chase her down the hill, it was cute.
Rich and Kaden played some ball, Kaden has a wicked curve ball so that was fun too! Then Rich snapped some photos of me with my girls and I love them.. not very often that Im willing to put a pic of me on here but I just think my girls are to dang cute, they both had picked a flower and Malia was cracking up at Kaden who was the camera man's helper!! So enjoy the pics! Theres a zillion of them!

The girls were bothing being so adorable and lovey I was just soaking it in!

Sorry I know enough already but I had to many I liked!
Kaden had her busting up it was to cute and now she always hides behind her hand when shes laughing!

K I absolutely LOVE these next to of Maddie she was looking at an airplane I think.... ok I posed her but still such a sweet thoughful photo!

She did this herself I just got lucky with the shot!
Gotta love that chub!!

Running to mom.. gotta love it
She was clapping for Rich, she thought he had thrown the ball great I guess!
I loved watching Kaden pitch from this angle... I kept thinking he was way off but then the ball would somehow find Rich's mitt, it was pretty cool!

My poser!

Walking and watching her shooooes

Thursday, July 16, 2009


OK HUGE bragging proud mom and dad moment! Thats right your seeing the photos right thats Kaden PITCHING!! Kaden loves pitching but has been with is team for a couple years and they already had a couple good pitchers and I dont think they ever knew how badly Kaden wanted to pitch or that hes actually pretty good at it! Hes been begging me to tell them but I knew that he needed to speak up for himself... well tonight he did!
We have had 4 games this week every dang night of the week and I am exhausted and I think the boys are too. Kaden and Dallin have been playing some serious good ball this week with hits every time at bat and really good hits at that! We have been so so proud of them! Now the season is all but over, we made it into the tournament that happens next week at pretty high on the top I believe because we have done so well. I have a family reunion that we were supposed to attend but we will be having to miss that now, but thats ok we are so proud of these boys, their team is amazing and works so well together, we have great great coaches that only compliment the boys and help them grow but not in a sissy kind of way. We are very lucky to have them!
Anyways our game tonight we were well killing them I think the score was 24ish to 7 and we were thinking they would call the game but the other team wanted another chance at bat so the next thing I know some of the moms were telling me to look on the mound... hu?? So I look up and Rich is yelling too to look and there Kaden is and it took me a minute to realize what was going on.. Kaden was warming up to pitch!! I grabbed my camera and about pee'd my pants I was so scared for him! I knew it was pretty safe with our lead but I was worried that under that pressure would scare him! I was sooo wrong! He did AMAZING!!!! He did walk 2 people but then had 2 boys hit off him one of which he was able to grab up the ball when it came to him and threw it to 1st and got the boy out!! Then he struck a boy out!! OMG we went nuts!! So nobody made it home while he was pitching which is so awesome and that inning flew bye! I think everyone including Kaden was surprised with how well he did.. I was so happy he didnt hit anyone cuz I knew he would feel horrible! Afterward he couldnt stop smiling, he is seriously on cloud nine! Everyone was calling him the closer which I thought had a nice ring to it but also sounds like a horror movie! LOL He said that he didnt even get nervous that he just wanted the coaches to see what he could do and that practicing with Dallin and Elias has made him more nervous than actually doing it with a batter!
We are so super proud of him and even if he never pitches another game he will always have this and we will always remember how dang awesome he did! Heres a quick movie of him pitching and of him and Dal getting a couple hits in from Mondays game! YEAH BOYEEES!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A missed calling?

I got the kids Rock Band today in hopes that I might hear a little less whining about how bored they are when its to hot to be outside for to long and of course maybe a little less "We shouldve moved with the Zimmermans" NOT kidding I hear it all day long!
It is actually lots of fun Im not a big game type of person but I do enjoy the guitar hero and I LOVE the drums on Rock Band! Im pretty good if I do say so myself! Of course kids being kids got good right away too and loved it and I didnt have ANY whining all day! woohoo! Kaden is actually a pretty good little singer so him and Maddie (the family super star.. just ask her) kept trading off cuz Dallin didnt want anything to do with the singing!
When Rich got home we showed him and he jumped right in to! He wasnt to happy about me posting his singing but hey its so fun and I love our little family band!
The boys had had a game tonight and Dallin had a headache so the poor boy went right to bed and didnt get to play but Im sure he will get more practice in tomorrow!
So yeah Rock Band please save me from the whining!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom Im BORED....

Well... I am too dang it!! I have heard so much Im bored Im bored Im bored theres nothing to do... the last well since the Zimmies left Im about to go out of my mind! I am bored too and have been complaining to Rich so I understand how they feel! So to try to help some of this boredom Ive bought some new games and weve been playing those a lot. We had lots of fun playing Jenga last night and tonight was checkers. Ive been trying to show them that there really is never a reason to be bored (unless your me hehe)!! So bored games and reading and hello go outside!! Thats what Ive been trying to get them to do and its been fun getting together and being goofy!!

We tried to touch tongues but that picture ended up really gross!
Of course little miss was all about trying to knock down our fun so Rich kept her entertained with some wind blown hair.
Can you believe how long her hair is!
Can you spot Maddies eye?? Spooky!
Serious business!
Tackling the baby before she got our blocks
Maddie did a really good job!
Finding just the right piece
OH MAN!!! But we sure got it up high a few times!