Friday, July 3, 2009

Tiny dancer

Malia has become quite the dancer the last couple of weeks.. pretty sure her big sis has a big part in this! She loves to wear dresses and I know this because as soon as I dress her in a pretty dress she stands up looks down and starts shaking her booty and watches the dress sway.. its the cutest thing! Today was one of those days, she has a new dress and giggled when she looked down and started shaking her groove thang! And when her hair was done and she checked herself out in the mirror she was in full Maddie mode and went to town dancing and twirling! Then she kept playing peak a boo around the corner from me and was busting up. Dang she is gorgeous right I LOVE that first photo!!
She also right now isnt so big into her shoes.. she loves Maddies shoes but is always taking off her own so today she was dancing around with one shoe.

You know they were good moves when she fell down doing them!

She was laughing so hard and moving so fast my camera wasnt going nuts trying to focus

Right now Malias sleep schedule goes like this.. She goes to bed at 8 at night and is sleeping until 7:30 in the morning... I know most of you are jealous, I wont lie its AWESOME! Then she goes down for her nap between 12:30 and 1 and is waking up usually around four but sometimes I am finally waking her up about 4:30 if she hasnt gotten up. Makes it hard for afternoon activities and if you wake her to early OMG she turns into a monster, this girl NEEDS her sleep so I sure try to let her have it!!
So when she is waking up she is pretty quiet at first and seems to enjoy a few minutes of quiet wake up time, when I finally hear her talking she fully awake with messed up hair and sometimes has everything on the floor and like today partially dressed! I swear if you are right next to door you cant hear her do this, she is sooo quiet!! And she still sleeps with her sound machine which might be covering some of her sneakiness! Anyways heres how I found her today...
Standing and laughing and with her dress around her hips!

Before I had put her to bed she was playing with Maddies Hannah Montana bear that sings... she was TICKED that I didnt let her take it to bed with her so when she spotted it she got pretty giddy!

Found that dang button right away
Then the craziness started
She was loving on that bear like it had been years of seperation
Shared some love with big sis
She was laughing so hard at the bear and whatever she was telling it that she fell over
When she gives big kisses she says aaaahhhhhh
and she even told lil' Hannah that I duv dewwww
And some more open mouth kissing
K I love this pic of Malia looking up to Maddie its so sweet and she just kept staring at her while Maddie told me a story.. SO CUTE!
Then again big sis is pretty cute too, I cant wait to see their relationship grow!


Melissa said...

Love the new dress and all the pics today! Rory went through a phase where she would undress every single naptime. It was hilarious!