Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom Im BORED....

Well... I am too dang it!! I have heard so much Im bored Im bored Im bored theres nothing to do... the last well since the Zimmies left Im about to go out of my mind! I am bored too and have been complaining to Rich so I understand how they feel! So to try to help some of this boredom Ive bought some new games and weve been playing those a lot. We had lots of fun playing Jenga last night and tonight was checkers. Ive been trying to show them that there really is never a reason to be bored (unless your me hehe)!! So bored games and reading and hello go outside!! Thats what Ive been trying to get them to do and its been fun getting together and being goofy!!

We tried to touch tongues but that picture ended up really gross!
Of course little miss was all about trying to knock down our fun so Rich kept her entertained with some wind blown hair.
Can you believe how long her hair is!
Can you spot Maddies eye?? Spooky!
Serious business!
Tackling the baby before she got our blocks
Maddie did a really good job!
Finding just the right piece
OH MAN!!! But we sure got it up high a few times!


alison said...

I pulled out games today too! We have a couple of 'lunch box' games--more for the little kids. So we played "Wormy Apples" and the PBJ game, and "Cookin' Cookies". But in the back half of summer break I try to kick it into full gear on the activities--swim lessons, museum, movies, etc. Hang in there--5 weeks!

Elizabeth said...

My boys are bored too! Good thing we leave tomorrow! Now Grandma can hear them say it! :)

tamiz said...

Hey, I'm bored too! What cha' gonna do about it for me???

tamiz said...

BTW, love the GLASSES!!