Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Is my baby boy considered a pre-teen now?? Or is that next year.. ya lets go with that! Today was Kadens Birthday!! He has been counting down the days for about a month.. which has been annoying but I love that when you are young that you look forward to your Birthdays! This year he made us a wish list which he has never done before and I have to say it wasnt even that demanding so he got everything on there plus a couple extras!
He got woke up early by Rich so that they could go golfing this morning which he loves doing with his dad! He had told me he was expecting to open presents in the morning like usual so I had them out and ready the minute they got home. After presents and breakfast (he chose a pastry) we got ready to go shopping to pick him out a new bike! Then we went a did a little more shopping for some clothes (for school) and maybe a little something for now! THEN the best part of his day... we went to the new Transformer movie whic even I was excited for.. I have to say it was pretty good excepf for some language and to much sexy girlie parts that I had to cover his eyes because of! Then as usual he had baseball, they had a water balloon fight and then we took cupcakes for all the boys. Kaden was so junk food out that he didnt want dinner! He is now in the living room with Elias trying out one of his new wii games then Elias is sleeping over! I didnt get any good pics and I didnt do a good job with documenting today cuz we were constantly running around so Ill have to try to get him tomorrow if he allows it!
Kaden at 11 years old is an amazing little or BIG boy I guess I have to say now. He is smart and funny and serious and so caring. I absolutely LOVE how he treats his sisters (almost always) he is always so caring with them both especially Malia right now. If either of them get hurt he instantly cries for them, its the sweetest thing.
Kaden is a sports lover and at this point probably knows more about sports than Rich and I put together, he is very athletic and Im so glad he is involved with sports and Im glad that he sticks with the ones that might not be his best sport and is constantly trying to improve... I love that he doesnt give up!
We sure love this boy and feel so blessed to have him in our home, I often think that I have no idea what I would do without him he is such a good help. THOUGH he has started his preteen attitude here and there he is usually a joy to have around and I always hear excellent things from other parents or his coaches about him!!
Happy Birthday Kaden we sure love you boyeee!
P.S. You are still grounded for growing older... we warned you!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Kaden! Camden's birthday is the 15th and he began the countdown long ago! LOL