Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A missed calling?

I got the kids Rock Band today in hopes that I might hear a little less whining about how bored they are when its to hot to be outside for to long and of course maybe a little less "We shouldve moved with the Zimmermans" NOT kidding I hear it all day long!
It is actually lots of fun Im not a big game type of person but I do enjoy the guitar hero and I LOVE the drums on Rock Band! Im pretty good if I do say so myself! Of course kids being kids got good right away too and loved it and I didnt have ANY whining all day! woohoo! Kaden is actually a pretty good little singer so him and Maddie (the family super star.. just ask her) kept trading off cuz Dallin didnt want anything to do with the singing!
When Rich got home we showed him and he jumped right in to! He wasnt to happy about me posting his singing but hey its so fun and I love our little family band!
The boys had had a game tonight and Dallin had a headache so the poor boy went right to bed and didnt get to play but Im sure he will get more practice in tomorrow!
So yeah Rock Band please save me from the whining!!!


tamiz said...

Way to go Jeffers! Only I think I'd enjoy it much better if I could hear it in person... I know as AWESOME house!!

alison said...

How fun! I think rock band brings out the super star in all of us--and the more you let yourself enjoy it and diva-it-up the more fun you have.

Karen said...

When will your family start taking your band on the road?

loved it