Sunday, July 12, 2009

21 months WHAT!

I cant believe that Malia is just a few short months from turning 2 years old. I am in complete denial about this. Of course this means that she has almost been home with us for a year too which is awesome! I cant wait to celebrate our 1st family day!!!
At 21 months old Malia is up to a lot and into a lot. So heres the low down...
*Malia loves to learn, she can...
-Start counting and gets up to 4 sometimes
-Can sing A, B, C, D.. then its bla bla bla
-Recognizes all of her #'s up to 10 (usually)
-Recognizes some letters sometimes
-Recognize a bunch of her colors but blue seems to be her fav
-Can read about 10 words, Clap, baby, arms up, arms down, cat, dog, elephant, gorilla, wave
-Still signs please, more, all done and all gone
-Reads more books in a day than any other baby Ive ever seen (she is very good and will mimic my tones when I read certain things and will point to all the same pics that I do)
-LOVES learning videos, she gets very excited when I ask her if she wants to watch her videos!
-After a LONG speaking strike she is FINALLY saying lots of words again.. I was getting worried!
-She has lots and lots of vocab words down and Im learning to recognize the ones that arent so clear but she knows what shes saying and gets irritated when I dont recognize.

*Her personality
-She has started to be sooo silly!
-She has been our comic relief this last week... when she saw us crying she would try so hard to make us laugh and it always worked she was such a good break for us!!
-She is starting to not like her hands dirty.. which I appreciate but also can be annoying when I have to clean her hands in mid feeding... which she is now doing herself
-She has her spoon and fork figured out so I think Im ready to move her to a the table with us in the booster!!
-Loves to trick us.. at bed time she will act like shes ready and then take off as soon as you turn to grab a diaper.. she runs to the other end of the house just laughing so hard
-Still loves her baths in the morning and usually the water is cold before I can get her out
-Still likes men more than women, she warms up pretty quick to women though after I reassure her which is good!
-She is a good little sharer.. most the time! She is super easy in nursery at church even when the bully takes things away and knocks her down!
-HATES the word no.. I tell her no and she acts like I just hurt her she starts bawling... shes getting over that now that shes hearing it more
-After a long time of not getting into trouble she is starting to find it.. which is horrible but nice at the same time!
*Bragging rights
-She is still pooping in the potty about 80% of the time
-Sleeps from 8-7:30 almost on the dot every night and day
-Naps from 12:30 to at least 4 still or else she is CRANKY!!
-Still pretty sneaky
-Knows she can get away with more with daddy than mommy!!

We just love this girl so so much and cant imagine life without her. I use to always have my guard up when I walked into a store... ready for dumb comments.. but now that she has been here this long she is such a part of us I often have to remind myself that we are different and that I need to be aware and on alert so that comments or looks dont throw me off.
After going potty last night I gave Malia a sucker and she got so silly with it I was dying laughing at her, she usually wont let me get a smile on camera, she is so serious most of the time but her new fun silly personality is so much fun and I was so happy that she let me capture it!!!!

Look mom!

OMG she was laughing so hard at really nothing... sugar high??

So dang sweet!

Her mischievous look... cant you just see it

LOVE LOVE her smile!!

She kept showing me her tongue with the sucker in her mouth and then of course drooling everywhere

She was coming after me here knowing she was supposed to stay on the tile and NOT the carpet with her stickiness!

Here are a couple pics of her watching her learning dvd's.. she just loves them and will sit for the 25 minutes... she will NOT do this with cartoons only learning videos.
She caught me but went right back to watching!
Love you little miss!!!


tamiz said...

I sure miss that little Miss. I don't know how many times I can listen to Jude say "want Mayeeah". But I know it'll be more sad when he stops saying it...WHAAAAA!!! This sucks!

alison said...

Life really wouldn't be the same with out Miss M would it? She's such a ray of sunshine!

Elizabeth said...

Those are great pics! I love the smile one too...just so dang cute!